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Giants of Anime

August 31st, 2004
For those interested in Anime... Click here for a great article that not only outlines a few soon to be released movies that will make waves, but also chronicles the history of Japanese Animation. This was great information for me, someone who enjoys… more »


August 31st, 2004
We are quickly approaching what is easily the best time of year. The leaves will soon change. The temperature will soon begin a slow, yet steady, decline. The apples will ripen. THE CIDER MILLS WILL OPEN! My limited experience outside of this lovely… more »

My other Lovely #1

August 29th, 2004
First things first, let me say that no, I am not stupid enough to call one sister lovely #1 and the other lovely #2 as if to prioritize them. That aside, my little buddy left today. She (also, not pictured) is on a plane as I blog, headed to London as a… more »

Logitech mx510

August 27th, 2004
So I recently got that second PC up and running. Yeah yeah yeah, I know it took forever. In my frustration over it not working, I never noticed that I had not yet ordered a mouse. Decisions. Decisions. I've become Logitech fanboy #1 since purchasing the… more »

Lovely #1

August 25th, 2004
So both of my sisters are going to be in Europe for this upcoming semester. I have been relatively ok with this idea as I am extremely happy for them to be facing such an exciting experience. Shell shock came two nights ago as I said goodbye to Alison… more »

Quoting movies.

August 24th, 2004
My question is how many people really quote movies well? I would imagine that a decent percentage of teens and even twenty-somethings would have a good handle on movie dialogue. There is no way I am the only one who breaks into an occassional movie… more »

Vending machine dilemma.

August 24th, 2004
For whatever reason(s) I've only had one meal each of the past two days. This, surprisingly, has led me to become quite hungry today. I was trying to hold out for lunch today so I could eat real food, however I am only human. This takes me to the scene… more »

Gilette M3 Power

August 22nd, 2004
So I've been seeing commercials for this new razor from Gilette for awhile now. I have to admit I've been skeptical as I did not understand the concept. Who needs a non-electric razor....with a battery? Seems silly to me. Basically you push a button on… more »

Garden State

August 21st, 2004
So despite the fact that this movie has been playing around here since it's limited release began, I finally saw it on the night of it's national release. The question is how do I start to talk about this movie. I guess I should start with telling you… more »

Poor customer service linked to furniture industry? (rant)

August 20th, 2004
I've been dealing with a furniture store here in MI with which I have not been too happy. They have very nice furniture, however, they run a poor business. (I wasn't going to do this, but you have a right to know...Klingman's Furniture) Issues began… more »