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Gmail Invites

September 29th, 2004
I am now up to five (5) invites left for Gmail. If you happen to live under a rock and are unfamiliar, Gmail is the new browser based e-mail solution from the good people at Google. Gmail is targeted towards the e-mail user who appreciates convenience;… more »

NFL Week 3.

September 29th, 2004
Unlike week 2, I was able to sit at home with nothing better to do than numb my brain with football on TV. What this did was offer me the ability to see why there was no offense last week and also in a few games this week, too. The explanation was… more »

The Shawshank Redemption

September 27th, 2004
I find the discussion of a single favorite movie to be unfair as often times it is difficult to select one above all others. So many movies can be favorites for different reasons; why force someone to choose? Instead, ask someone what would be a few of… more »

The Black Echo - Michael Connelly

September 25th, 2004
For maverick LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch, the body in the drainpipe at Mulholland Dam is more than another anonymous statistic. This one is personal...because the murdered man was a fellow Vietnam "tunnel rat" who had fought side by side with… more »

Wil & Katie Morris

September 24th, 2004
First off I would like to begin this post with a very sincere congratulations to both Katie and Wil. It is a congratulations to you both for now being married, but more so than that, congratulations for finding each other. You make each other so… more »

The Apprentice

September 24th, 2004
I watched this show last night basically as an assignment for work. My boss watches it and loves the show. She tells me that there is not an episode that passes where she isn't able to learn something, no matter how small. She told me that apparently… more »

Robin Hood Men in Tights

September 23rd, 2004
Mel Brooks, where are you!?!?! It is downright criminal that this movie is not available on DVD. Arguably the greatest comedic mind the film world has ever seen has almost his entire resume on DVD, yet no Robin Hood Men in Tights. This has bothered me… more »

NFL Week 2.

September 23rd, 2004
This will be a much shorter post about week 2 than I made about week 1. I was able to sit down and watch the majority of the goings-on in week 1. I missed the majority of week 2. My thoughts are primarily from highlights... Ugliest Jersies in the NFL -… more »

Book of the Month - October, 2004

September 22nd, 2004
The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger It was the storm of the century—a tempest created by so rare a combination of factors that meteorologists deemed it "the perfect storm." When it struck in October, 1991, there was virtually no warning. "She's comin'… more »

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

September 18th, 2004
This movie was crazy. There is no other way to put it. I've never been more impressed and more confused and liked a movie so much. I'm not sure I can even call this a movie. The term animated poetry seems more appropriate. They drop some knowledge on… more »