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The Knight - Gene Wolfe

January 31st, 2006
A novel in two volumes, THE WIZARD KNIGHT is in the rare company of those works which move past the surface of fantasy and drink from the wellspring of myth. Magic swords, dragons, giants, quests, love, honor, nobility -- all the familiar features of… more »

Lelli's Restaurant - Auburn Hills, MI

January 31st, 2006
Conversations began last week about my search for a "go-to" local steakhouse. When I have guests in from out of town and a nice dinner is in order, I would like to know that I can make one phone call and have my reservation. We have the usual chain… more »

Eighty One

January 26th, 2006
So Wil calls me Monday morning to ask if I wanted to meet up for lunch. But he is not capable of just asking outright, so we make idle chitchat at first. That would be fine in most cases, but I have interesting friends. (That and my disclaimer is that I… more »

My brief suit story.

January 25th, 2006
Discussion about groomsmen attire for my brother's wedding began to involve me about two weeks ago. At lunch with my mom I was told that the plan was black suits. Our ties would match us to the bridesmaids. The idea of tuxedos was thrown out early by… more »

Movie of the Month - February, 2006

January 22nd, 2006
The Last Samurai Tom Cruise plays Civil War hero Capt. Nathan Algren, who comes to Japan to fight the Samurai and ends up pledging himself to their cause. Ken Watanabe (Academy Award Nominee) plays Katsumoto, a Samurai leader facing a vanishing way of… more »

Book of the Month - February, 2006

January 20th, 2006
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini This powerful first novel...tells a story of fierce cruelty and fierce yet redeeming love. Both transform the life of Amir, Khaled Hosseini's privileged young narrator who comes of age during the last peaceful days of… more »

January 19th, 2006
Hub: Sometimes the things that may or may not be true are the things a man needs to believe in the most. That people are basically good; that honor, courage, and virtue mean everything; that power and money, money and power mean nothing; that good… more »

I have reconsidered.

January 18th, 2006
I love to travel. I love everything about it: seeing new places, getting away, meeting new people, eating at new restaurants, taking pictures to remember the places I have been. All of it. A few weeks ago I made the declaration that I would like to… more »

Disposable Digital Side Note

January 18th, 2006
I did not want to detract from the monologue about the disposable digital camera that I bought on my last trip, so I moved this portion of the story out to be told separately. ___ Am I the only one that has these conversations with people? Was it… more »

Dear sir,

January 16th, 2006
I stood in front of you in line this afternoon at Burger King. I placed my order and rested against the railing while I waited patiently for my order. Typically, when I find myself in this situation I will pull the book I am currently free-reading from… more »