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May 31st, 2007
King of Swamp Castle: When I first came here, this was all swamp. Everyone said I was daft to build a castle on a swamp, but I built it all the same, just to show them. It sank into the swamp. So I built a second one. That sank into the swamp. So I… more »

Casino Royale

May 30th, 2007
Casino Royale introduces James Bond before he holds his license to kill. But Bond is no less dangerous, and with two professional assassinations in quick succession, he is elevated to "00" status. "M" (Judi Dench), head of the British Secret Service,… more »

May 30th, 2007
Baroness Kessler: My latest work: "The Devil: History and Myth" - a kind of biography. It will be published next year. Dean Corso: Why the devil? Baroness Kessler: I saw him one day. I was fifteen years old, and I saw him as plain as I see you now:… more »

Count of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas

May 29th, 2007
Set against the turbulent years of the Napoleonic era, Alexandre Dumas's thrilling adventure story is one of the most widely read romantic novels of all time. In it the dashing young hero, Edmond Dantès, is betrayed by his enemies and thrown into a… more »

May 25th, 2007
"... Cory, I want to say one word to you. Remember." "Remember? Remember what?" "Everything," she said. "And anything. Don't you go through a day without remembering something of it, and tucking that memory away like a treasure. Because it is. And… more »

Inside Man

May 24th, 2007
Academy Award Winner Denzel Washington, Academy Award nominee Clive Owen and Academy Award winner Jodie Foster star in this intense and explosive crime thriller. The perfect bank robbery quickly spirals into an unstable and deadly game of cat-and-mouse… more »

May 23rd, 2007
Gregoire De Fronsac: A silver bullet? Are you afraid of werewolves? Jean-Francois de Morangias: I like to sign my shots. more »

Book of the Month - June, 2007

May 21st, 2007
Rocket Boys by Homer Hickam With the grace of a natural storyteller, NASA engineer Homer Hickam paints a warm, vivid portrait of the harsh West Virginia mining town of his youth, evoking a time of innocence and promise, when anything was possible, even… more »

Movie of the Month - June, 2007

May 21st, 2007
Mean Creek When Sam (Rory Culkin) continually gets picked on by the school bully, he and his protective older brother decide to teach the bully a lesson he will never forget. Together, they come up with a plan that involves inviting the bully on a… more »

Neros - Las Vegas, NV

May 18th, 2007
This steakhouse is located within Caesar's Palace and is not contained in the Forum Shops. We have eaten many times in the Forum Shops and wanted to try something "local" to the casino. I had obtained a reservation for 7:30pm through the toll-free… more »