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The Smoke Jumper - Nicholas Evans

October 26th, 2004
The fire that was to change so many lives was so utterly started with a single shaft of lightning. It struck a mountain ridge on a still and moonless night and nestled like a pupa of death in the desiccated heart of an ancient pine. There were witnesses… more »

Book of the Month - November, 2004

October 24th, 2004
The Millionaire Mind by Dr. Thomas Stanley In the 1996 best-seller The Millionaire Next Door; written by Dr. Thomas J. Stanley, one of contemporary America's most firmly held beliefs was shattered. According to Dr. Stanley, wealthy individuals do not… more »

The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three - Stephen King

October 7th, 2004
Stephen King returns to the Dark Tower in this second mesmerizing volume in his epic series. Roland of Gilead has mysteriously stepped through a doorway in time that takes him to 1980s America, where he joins forces with the defiant Eddie Dean and… more »