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The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini

February 28th, 2006
This powerful first novel...tells a story of fierce cruelty and fierce yet redeeming love. Both transform the life of Amir, Khaled Hosseini's privileged young narrator who comes of age during the last peaceful days of the monarchy, just before his… more »

February 27th, 2006
That's the way the mind works: the human brain is genetically disposed toward organization, yet if not tightly controlled, will link one imagerial fragment to another on the flimsiest of pretense and in the most freewheeling manner, as if it takes a… more »

Book of the Month - March, 2006

February 20th, 2006
Barrel Fever by David Sedaris In David Sedaris's world, no one is safe and no cow is sacred. A manic cross between Mark Leyner, Fran Lebowitz, and the National Enquirer, Sedaris's collection of essays is a rollicking tour through the national Zeitgeist:… more »

Borders Bookstore Ann Arbor, MI.

February 3rd, 2006
Do not order books from the Borders in Ann Arbor, MI. On November 11, 2005 author George R. R. Martin was appearing at the Borders in Ann Arbor. I could not make the event as I had a prior engagement in Chicago that weekend. So as to secure myself at… more »