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October 26th, 2006
When she finally came to write her story, she would wonder exactly when the books and the words started to mean not just something but everything. more »

Book of the Month - November, 2006

October 23rd, 2006
The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century by Thomas L. Friedman The World is Flat is Thomas L. Friedman's account of the great changes taking place in our time, as lightening-swift advances in technology and communication put people… more »

The 2006 Man Booker Prize WINNER!

October 14th, 2006
The Man Booker Prize for Fiction represents the very best in contemporary fiction (from the UK, Ireland, and the Commonwealth). One of the world’s most prestigious awards, and one of incomparable influence, it continues to be the pinnacle of ambition… more »

October 2nd, 2006
I suppose I wanted to say goodbye to someone, and have someone say goodbye to me. The goodbyes we speak and the goodbyes we hear are the goodbyes that tell us we're still alive, after all. more »