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Throne of Jade - Naomi Novik

October 31st, 2007
When Britain intercepted a French ship and its precious cargo -- unhatched dragon's egg -- Capt. Will Laurence of HMS Reliant unexpectedly became master and commander of the noble dragon he named Temeraire. As new recruits in Britain's Aerial Corps, man… more »

October 30th, 2007
Gilbert's uncle, a big man, round as an oil drum, black as tar from toiling out at sea, came to speak to us about "broken dreams." He said the best place to find a broken dream is on the wharf. "Look at all those dead fish with their eyes and mouths… more »

Shopgirl - Steve Martin

October 25th, 2007
One of our country's most acclaimed and beloved entertainers, Steve Martin is quickly becoming recognized as a "gorgeous writer capable of being at once melancholy and tart, achingly innocent and astonishingly ironic" (Elle). Beautifully written, this… more »

October 24th, 2007
Sometimes I think that if I had to choose between an ear of corn or making love to a woman, I'd choose the corn. Not that I wouldn't love to have a final roll in the hay -- I am a man yet, and some things never die -- but the thought of those sweet… more »

Book of the Month - November, 2007

October 20th, 2007
Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones In a novel that is at once intense, beautiful, and fablelike, Lloyd Jones weaves a transcendent story that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the power of narrative to transform our lives. On a copper-rich… more »

The 2007 Man Booker Prize WINNER!

October 17th, 2007
The Man Booker Prize for Fiction represents the very best in contemporary fiction (from the UK, Ireland, and the Commonwealth). One of the world’s most prestigious awards, and one of incomparable influence, it continues to be the pinnacle of ambition… more »

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap...and Others Don't - Jim Collins

October 2nd, 2007
THE CHALLENGE Built to Last, the defining management study of the nineties, showed how great companies triumph over time and how long-term sustained performance can be engineered in the DNA of an enterprise from the very beginning. But what about a… more »

October 1st, 2007
"At one time I worried that the people who made gin would stop making it, and that I would be left with nothing to drink. To guard against that I hid gin all over the house. Just knowing it was there made me feel a little better." more »