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January 31st, 2008
...I didn't know that if a girl broke your heart, another girl, virtuous at least in spirit, could mend it on the same night. more »

Book of the Month - February, 2008

January 21st, 2008
The Feast of Love: A Novel by Charles Baxter Late one night, Charlie Baxter wakes with a start from a bad dream and decides to take a walk through his Ann Arbor neighborhood. After catching sight of two lovers entangled together on the fifty-yard line… more »

Reliquary - Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

January 3rd, 2008
Hidden deep beneath Manhattan lies a warren of tunnels, sewers, and galleries, mostly forgotten by those who walk the streets above. There lies the ultimate secret of the Museum Beast. When two grotesquely deformed skeletons are found deep in the mud… more »

January 2nd, 2008
"And now, Harry, let us step out into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure." more »