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Book of the Month - September, 2008

August 20th, 2008
This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald This Side of Paradise established F. Scott Fitzgerald as the prophet and golden boy of the newly dawned Jazz Age. Published in 1920 when Fitzgerald was just twenty-three, it is the story of Amory Blaine, a… more »

August 19th, 2008
"If you're careful," Garp wrote, "if you use good ingredients, and you don't take any shortcuts, then you can usually cook something very good. Sometimes it is the only worthwhile product you can salvage from a day: what you make to eat. With writing, I… more »

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - C.S. Lewis

August 7th, 2008
NARNIA....a land frozen in eternal winter...a country waiting to be set free. Four adventurers step through a wardrobe door and into the land of Narnia -- a land enslaved by the power of the White Witch. But when almost all hope is lost, the return of… more »

August 6th, 2008
Mr. Hartsfield did his best to give us a tool to do our work. "Ladies and gentlemen, you must learn deductive reasoning!" He caught Roy Lee ogling the girl next to him and threw a perfect chalk strike to the boy's head. "Now, sir, let me put a general… more »