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Book of the Month - May, 2009

April 22nd, 2009
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley Aldous Huxley's tour de force, Brave New World is a darkly satiric vision of a "utopian" future—where humans are genetically bred and pharmaceutically anesthetized to passively serve a ruling order. A powerful work of… more »

April 21st, 2009
No man knows till he has suffered from the night how sweet and how dear to his heart and eye the morning can be. more »

Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman

April 9th, 2009
A new book from one of the few authors who can get me to read non-fiction: Jon Krakauer. The bestselling author of Into the Wild, Into Thin Air, and Under the Banner of Heaven delivers a stunning, eloquent account of a remarkable young man’s haunting… more »

April 8th, 2009
"People try so hard to believe in leaders now, pitifully hard. But we no sooner get a popular reformer or politician or soldier or writer or philosopher -- a Roosevelt, a Tolstoi, a Wood, a Shaw, a Nietzsche, than the cross-currents of criticism was him… more »