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Comment from: Don't worry about me [Visitor]
Don't worry about me

So I know many will look over this or see it as childish but do you think that we are missing those small details like the condom wrapper and that the book has the answers but we all keep chasing our tails with clues trying to find some big answer. Anna would always make her puzzles look REALLY complicated but turn out kinda simple. Just a though but maybe it will help

01/31/18 @ 20:55

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Comment from: Isaiah Le Istya [Visitor]  
Isaiah Le Istya

This is a theory of one of my friends so I take no credit for it.
Anna is in Goddard, Alaska. So that’s how to draw a bunny. I think she’s in Goddard Alaska, because in one of the notes not from the book, it says she’s going to G______, which looks like Gregory, but the letters say she’s near a shore.
So, Deaths is Devons, because they have the same number of letters and start and end the same, so they do know each other.
So we know how they made him leave, we know where she went, but we don’t know why they did it. Also, Anna’s obituary for Mr. Devons is backwards.

So, the story so far. Mr. Devons and Anna both have dead relatives, so that’s a detail. (Also, I’m pretty sure NYCS is there version of Simple as Snow.) Anyways, they know each other and for a reason we don’t know come up with a plan to get a completely normal person to leave the town. They try with Bryce and it doesn’t work, so they try with G(regory), with Mr. Devon telling him to meet people in the library when he conveniently meets Anna on his first attempt. Then, all the codes and stuff that regard the community (ie, the telephone in the woods…) are probably there to convince him that even a boring town can be full of too many secrets for one person to handle, causing him to stop looking for Anna and instead going to his brother in Baton Rouge (see G’s obituary). Meanwhile, Anna has run away to somewhere both by the sea and really cold, so Germany is not an option, and of Russia and Goddard, Alaska, the latter has more evidence supporting it. She’ll later go to Baton Rouge where she knows G would be going because she learned about his brother from him, hence putting that particular place in his obituary. So the only answer left is why Devons and Anna want to do that.

Maybe because they have a tendency to meddle, and it has become addictive? I believe she may also have had an actual emotional tie to him, as she was willing to spend the rest of her life with him, according to the obituary.
I’ll send the photos he found shortly, and I am to credit him as Marmite. Also this is a copy and pasted message chat from messenger, so thanks why the wording is wierd

01/23/17 @ 21:00

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Comment from: Amy @ [Visitor]  
Amy @

I see that 4 comments are awaiting moderation…. I just finished this book and had no idea about any of this! When I went on the website (because I was curious as it was at the bottom of a page full of gibberish) and clicked on the clues page, it said they’ve been discontinued and you’ll “just have to figure it out on your own". So I mean, I googled it. And found this. It appears that the last comment was in 2012; did anyone ever solve the mystery? I love all the ideas here; the only one I actually found out myself was the one about the main character being the author. :-) Let me know if anybody did figure it out though, I’m curious!

10/29/16 @ 20:23

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Comment from: Elaina Kate [Visitor]  
Elaina Kate

This is now my favorite book and I spent a few school days cracking the Houdini Code (which I found very exciting and frustrating) and had some theories myself.
I read many of the comments that have already been posted, but of course didn’t wait too long before starting my own.

My mom just finished the book as well and she’s opened up my eyes to several details I missed when I read As Simple As Snow.

Here goes-
The Narrator’s name is Gregory Galloway. Everyone knows this now. That’s the “G__” of the double dactyl.

The obituaries all had something flip flopped in them, at least Mr. Devon’s and Anna’s.

In Mr. Devon’s obituary it says he was killed by the starting of an accidental fire. This is an indication of my previous statement on this theory might be true because it was Mr. Devon’s girlfriend that had died of a supposed “accidental fire” already.

Mr. Cayne (Anna’s dad) read the obituary and said Anna was never coming back, foretelling her having flip flopped it.
Anna’s obituary told how Anna’s sister, Maria, ran away from home and never came back– in the book, the dress Anna left was indicating she had drowned in the frozen river.
—–My mom’s theory is that the dress was actually referring to Maria and that SHE had drowned in the lake, leaving the disappearing role for Anna.
—–A side theory on that is that Mr. Devon knew about Anna’s sister and the flip-floppiness of the obituaries she’d written.

A separate theory that others have guessed is that those close to Gregory: Anna, Carl, and Mr. Devon had some secret connection to this “Alaska” place and that it might be code for somewhere just outside of, or around town.


05/23/16 @ 19:09

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Comment from: Samantha [Visitor]  

Where was everyone getting the mail through postal and e-mails from? How did you sign up for it? I read this about three weeks ago and have came up with a bunch, but if anyone would like to forward anything with the clues from either mail I’d love to know. I just adore these ‘clue’ type things-figuring out things. I would like to solve this book but where’s the fun if it’s over? You know? If we could start this up again it’d be amazing.

03/19/16 @ 20:49

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Comment from: Lindsey [Visitor]  

Is anyone out there, Still trying to figure this out?

10/21/15 @ 13:03

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Comment from: Robin [Visitor]  

What I keep going back to is that nobody died the entire time Anna was in town. G said it was the longest drought the funeral home had ever seen. Even Bryce who was in a horrible car wreck (maybe with Anna) only broke his leg. I think there is defiantly something supernatural going on.

08/02/15 @ 14:05

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Comment from: Rachael [Visitor]

Very True. I like it. I feel like Dumbledore would say something like this.

04/05/13 @ 09:56

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Comment from: Coco Nutt [Visitor]
Coco Nutt

read the book; skimmed some of it.
these clues make no sense to me. anna probably went to alaska because of the whole map alignment thing in the book, and because it is ref’d multiple times in the book. mr. devon is perhaps aware, hence his lying to G “narrator", or gregory, the author.

10/31/12 @ 02:42

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Comment from: Isabella [Visitor]

Umm I’m thinking about the whole G– thing, you know about the no-name-for-narrator and I think that the G– is actually Gregory Galloway. Because the syllables match and you know G– instead for GG. Also in the first clue the number 4 pops up many times. Any hints anyone?

10/14/11 @ 12:55

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Comment from: kalero [Visitor]

OK, so the last thing that Anna says to G– is ‘with this kiss I pass the key’. Houdini and other escape artists used to have a key passed to them in a kiss, so that when they were locked up they could escape. I think Anna is giving G– a way out of town.

10/07/11 @ 00:05

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Comment from: kiven [Visitor]

good book

09/04/11 @ 17:53

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Comment from: McKenzie [Visitor]  

I read ASAS a year ago and after being reminded about by discovering a shortwave radio in my dad’s closet I decided to read look up some things about it to remind myself about it. I found the clues and am not receiving them via email. The first arrived just the other day. I looked it up and found this website which I found rather interesting… closer to the bottom of the page it quotes and song and gives a review of the lyrics and idea of the purpose of it. Though someone would find this as interesting as I did.

04/18/11 @ 09:43

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Comment from: Me [Visitor]  

I’ve just finished reading every post on this page and want to lay out what I’ve decided and present a few ideas:
1) I am fairly certain G- is the author
2) I really like the idea that this is anna’s ghost story

An idea that was mentioned once previously but I’d like to state again - I think Anna may have planted the condom to be sure that G- would know right away about her vanishment. Consider how long it would take your family to tell your bf/gf if you disappeared, it most likely wouldn’t be a first move.
I think Anna was faithful to G-. Her brutal adaptation to the cold shows her dedication to the things that mean a lot to her.

I love the idea that Anna was Mr. D’s girlfriend. I wonder if the bruises that anna has could be from continued abuse from her evil ex. She writes in his obit that his girlfriend kills him - and by writing the obit itself, she kinda does.

Carl and his father confuse me most. I like the suggestion that G-’s dead sister was Carl’s father’s child - but maybe conceive during a drunken rape of G-’s mom (however morbid that sounds).
Everyone has seemed to overlook that Carl was a drug dealer - something about that nags me because he is portrayed as such a good guy. I wonder if if it foreshadows or hints at a darker side to Carl we don’t really get to see.

Any thoughts?

01/09/11 @ 04:29

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Comment from: SteveB [Visitor]  

This has gone on so long, with no word from the author, I question the “publicity” aspects of the whole mystery. Written at the same time a successful treasure hunting books and the Da Vinci Code, I think the publisher wanted to add their own formula to the creation of their idea of a current hit book. It’s a great lead-in for a timely sequel; but where is the sequel?

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the book. I just want to believe the two will meet up again as mentioned in the last obit.

After all this time, no matter what the solution, it will be a let-down. Please put this to rest once and for all!

12/28/10 @ 14:08

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Comment from: clay [Visitor]

if you figure out what the clues mean and where she went the book will lose its amazingness

11/11/10 @ 14:22

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Comment from: j [Visitor]

Also , no one not when anna could have predicted how G____ would turn in the end. It wasn’t about annas plans or about how the songs and references lead up to annas location…they all have a common theme of mystery….life….and good or bad things that have happened. And well that’s life isn’t it? The answer to the book is how people can change and grow and how no one will ever know every meaning to everything but that’s what changes us and gives life meaning. It keeps it interesting and with G____ ultimate mystery there will always be something in his life that he hadn’t figured out or hadn’t came to a reL conclusion of…unlike before anna when nothing was interesting. Now his life is different and he can thank anna for that.

10/30/10 @ 18:43

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Comment from: j [Visitor]  

I think that anna was a used by her dad and he brought up the condom wrapper as an exscuse to bin the blame on G____ for anna dissapearing. I don’t think that the obituary anna wrote for G___ was meant for him to realize she was in baton roughs waiting for him. Alot of the songs talk about trains and goinng places and how live is going to better and okay and I think was trying to tell G___ that she had to leave andit had nothing to do wit him and that his life will get better. Also I think there much mystery in what she left behind.because she didn’t want to leave anything simple as to where she was or why she left. This book was absolutely the greatest novel written.

10/30/10 @ 18:11

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Comment from: -MaR- [Visitor]  

Well, I know I am- as is the commenter above you. She’s sitting next to me. ^_^
If you want to discuss it let me know.:)
We can make this forum become alive!

09/24/10 @ 15:08

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Comment from: jared hall [Visitor]
jared hall

is this forum still alive?
read this book around 3 years ago, had a conversation w/ my gf about it yesterday and its mystery and found myself digging today lol. read the whole forum and just wanted to know if you all are still searching. let me know!!

09/22/10 @ 06:18