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Comment from: Pozzi [Visitor]

“The justification is that somehow it is worse to be behind one person with ten books than ten people with one book each.”

do you honestly believe that given a constant number of people it is not to the benefit of the majority to put collector’s at the end? i hope you are just expression frustration rather than trying to correct something you believe to be false (because you would be wrong).

05/13/05 @ 14:51
Comment from: Pozzi [Visitor]

i wish i could edit my typo

05/13/05 @ 14:57
Comment from: [Member]

There are generally no more than 2-4 collectors per show. Consider it the same as a rookie WR catching a touchdown pass. They want to do something flashy to celebrate. The argument is made that they should act like they’ve been there before. Carry yourself not like a giggling teenager girl at her first New Kids on the Block concert and get your books signed and get away from the table. I am faster getting 10 books signed than most people are with 1 or 2 because I skip all of the idle chit chat about how great the author is and that I hope they keep up the good work so that I may continue to reap the entertaining reward. Collectors are all business at signings, for the most part. There are always exceptions.

I mean no offense to those who get one book signed. I think it is a fantastic experience and one for which everyone should have the opportunity.

I accept that this rule will never change. Nor does it need to. I know that part of my station in life entails that I wait a little longer at the book signings. Guess what, I take a book and read until it’s my turn. Not much different than if I was at home. I am not inconvenienced by it unless I know it makes a time crunch for me. Luckily I rarely have other plans that back up against the signings.

05/13/05 @ 15:37
Comment from: Pozzi [Visitor]

“I am faster getting 10 books signed than most people are with 1 or 2″

ah, this part of the argument is one i did not see. i assumed you were taking longer. generally the collector’s would have more conversation than the seemingly casual 1/2 book signee.

your point is thusly well taken.

05/13/05 @ 17:22

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