Category: "Books: Excerpt"

June 5th, 2007
Mitch Albom - For One More Day - 90"A child embarrassed by his mother," she said, "is just a child who hasn't lived long enough."

May 25th, 2007
Robert McCammon - Boy's Life - 225-226"... Cory, I want to say one word to you. Remember."
"Remember? Remember what?"
"Everything," she said. "And anything. Don't you go through a day without remembering something of it, and tucking that memory away like a treasure. Because it is. And memories are sweet doors, Cory. They're teachers and friends and disciplinarians. When you look at something don't just look. See it. Really, really see it. See it so when you write it down, somebody else can see it, too. It's easy to walk through life deaf, dumb, and blind, Cory. Most everybody you know or will ever meet will. They'll walk through a parade of wonders, and they'll never hear a peep of it. But you can live a thousand lifetimes if you want to. You can talk to people you'll never set eyes on, in lands you'll never visit." She nodded, watching my face. "And if you're good and you're lucky and you have something worth saying, then you might have a chance to live on long after -- " She paused, measuring her words. "Long after," she finished.

May 3rd, 2007
David Sedaris - Barrel Fever - 186All I do is lie, and that has made me immune to compliments.

May 1st, 2007
Thomas Harris - Hannibal Rising - 27"Would you like to remember everything?" Mr. Jakov said.
"To remember is not always a blessing."
"I would like to remember everything."
"Then you will need a mind palace, to store things in. A palace in your mind."
"Does it have to be a palace?"
"It will grow to be enormous like a palace," Mr. Jakov said. "So it might as well be beautiful. What is the most beautiful room you know, a place you know very well?"
"My mother's room," Hannibal said.
"Then that's where we'll begin."

March 19th, 2007
Robert McCammon - Boy's Life - 183I thought that when I got home I would sit down at my desk and try to scratch out a story in Ticonderoga #2 about where music went when it got into the air. Some of it had gotten into Davy Ray, and he was humming that song as we returned to the pool and our parents.

March 8th, 2007
Thomas Harris - Hannibal Rising - 24Every person is worth your time... If at first appearance a person seems dull, then look harder, look into him.

March 2nd, 2007
Nick Hornby - About A Boy - 268He'd rather be an idiot again. He'd had his whole life set up so that nobody's problem was his problem, and now everybody's problem was his problem, and he had no solutions for any of them.

February 19th, 2007
Nick Hornby - About A Boy - 2You'd think that if you'd peed with someone you ought to keep in touch with them somehow.

January 30th, 2007
Tom Robbins - Still Life With Woodpecker - 50Now, tequila may be the favored beverage of outlaws, but that doesn't mean it gives them preferential treatment. In fact, tequila probably had betrayed as many outlaws as has the central nervous system and dissatisfied wives. Tequila, scorpion honey, harsh dew of the doglands, essence of Aztec, crema de cacti; tequila, oily and thermal like the sun in solution; tequila, liquid geometry of passion; Tequila, the buzzard god who copulates in midair with the ascending souls of dying virgins; tequila, firebug in the house of good taste; O tequila, savage water of sorcery, what confusion and mischief your sly, rebellious drops do generate!

January 6th, 2007
Jeffery Deaver - The Twelfth Card - 257[S]he was finally lulled to sleep -- not by a mother's good-night kiss, or a father's deep voice reciting a prayer, but by the litany of a stranger's beautiful words.