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James Patterson & Andrew Gross

July 18th, 2006

Authors James Patterson and Andrew Gross have teamed up yet again. The two men worked together in the past to bring us four books: 2nd Chance, 3rd Degree, Lifeguard, and The Jester. The first two, titles from The Women's Murder Club, were decent books. I am not sure how much involvement Andrew Gross had in the books, but if the size of his name on the book covers is any indication, it was not much. By comparison, one might assume he had much more influence in Lifeguard and The Jester. I have not read Lifeguard yet, but The Jester is probably my favorite of James Patterson's books (of which I have read most). It may be without merit, but I attribute my extreme enjoyment of The Jester as James Patterson's writing to Andrew Gross's help. I have been looking forward to reading Lifeguard for the same reason and now I can look forward to their latest effort, too.

Judge & Jury by James Patterson and Andrew GrossAndie DeGrasse, an aspiring actress and single mom, is not your typical juror. Hoping to get dismissed from the pool, she tells the judge that most of her legal knowledge comes from a bit part curling around a stripper's pole in The Sopranos. But she still ends up as juror #11 in a landmark trial against a notorious mob boss.

The case quickly becomes the new Trial of the Century. Mafia don Dominic Cavello, known as the Electrician, is linked to hundreds of gruesome, unspeakable crimes. Senior FBI agent Nick Pellisante has been tracking him for years. He knows Cavello's power reaches far beyond the courtroom, but the FBI's evidence against the ruthless killer is iron-clad. Conviction is a sure thing.

As the jury is about to reach a verdict, the Electrician makes one devastating move that no one could have predicted. The entire nation is reeling, and Andie's world is shattered. For her, the hunt for the Electrician becomes personal, and she and Pellisante come together in an unbreakable bond: they will exact justice-at any cost.

James Patterson spins an all-out heart-pounding legal thriller that pits two people against the most vicious and powerful mobster since John Gotti. Judge & Jury is a stunning feat by "one of America's most influential authors" (New York Times)

Judge & Jury will be available on July 31, 2006.