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Gallagher's Steakhouse - Las Vegas, NV

March 24th, 2005

Gallagher's Steakhouse is located in the New York-New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

A steakhouse that was highly praised on a few occasions to my boss; we were set to have dinner there Monday night. Seating was quick once the table was ready for our reservation. Staff was nice for the most part.

They recommend their dry aged new york strip and their filet. I asked if she would talk me out of the king cut prime rib. After looking at the menu online before heading to the restaurant, I was excited for the prime rib. It is not an item offered everywhere and I try to get it when the option exists. Unless, of course, she was going to suggest something else. She said she would not talk me out of it, and I ordered it thusly.

I had a terrible piece of meat. It was riddled with fat that the waitress tried to tell me was "marbling". Excuse me, I am one of the few steak eaters who actually enjoys the true marbling. This was not the good stuff. She told me I had to get to the center of the steak to find the good part. I had cut all the way through to the center and was still unhappy. I suggested that either I had a very dull steak knife or my steak was a bad cut. She said they did have very dull knives at the restaurant. Yeah, I bet they do. Why would you want sharp steak knives at a steakhouse?

She came back after a few minutes and offered me a small cut of something else if I wanted it but I was too disgusted with my current meal to want any more.

The other entrée ordered was the cowboy cut bone-in ribeye (what I should have gotten) and that was said to be good. Not the best, but nothing to complain about.

We had an order of beer-battered onion rings that were very good though they only gave you four on a plate. Their calamari was average and they give you a half a loaf of a sesame bread that was probably the highlight of the meal for me.

As long as I have the choice, I will not go back to Gallagher's.