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Nemo Restaurant - Miami Beach, FL

May 24th, 2006

What a neat little place. We went on a Tuesday night with a client and had a great dinner. It was a mild night (relatively speaking) so we sat outside. The restaurant opens into the patio where we were seated. So we were inside...but we were outside. The atmosphere was not inappropriate for our business dinner, though it would be a nice "date" restaurant as well.

We shared two appetizers at the table:

Giant Crispy Prawns
The prawns were best described by my colleague as shrimp wrapped in french fries. Whatever the mix that comprised the "crispy" layer around the prawns, it was good. This appetizer is three prawns.

Spicy Calamari Stir Fry
This dish was pretty spicy. The flavor was only ok. I was not impressed by this dish; no one at our table was.

My entree was very good:

10 oz. Center Cut Filet Mignon
I had to choose between the NY Strip and the Filet since I am not a seafood guy. I made my decision based upon the potatoes served with each. The filet had the buttermilk mashed instead of the roasted garlic mashed. I was more curious about the buttermilk mashed and thus opted for the filet. I could not tell you the last time I ordered a filet, but was not disappointed at Nemo. The steak was fork tender and cooked perfectly. I wish I had a few more of the crispy onions. I think there were like three small strands with my steak. There was a side of greens that occupied the majority of my plate that I would have opted against had I known.

Ordering a side dish was an easy choice:

Lobster Hash Browns
Yeah, you read that correctly. Lobster Hash Browns. Do I really need to go through an explanation of how good these were? Or are you just going to be sure to order them when you go? It was not a shredded potato, but rather a diced potato. The dish had a few other ingredients (vegetables and whatnot) that were fine, but I don't remember. I was too focused on the rest of it. More meals should be served with lobster hash browns.

Dessert was a second highlight behind the lobster hash browns:

Peanut Butter Smore
Thin layer of graham cracker. Thick layer of chocolate. Medium layer of marshmallow. The smore was very good, but very rich. It would be best shared by two people. Satisfy your sweet tooth, round out your meal, but don't eat so much that you have that "I've had too much of it" feeling.

It may not be something that you notice, but I certainly did. At Nemo, the desserts were plated beautifully. It was probably the most expertly presented dessert I have had. It is a small detail, and one that cannot make up for bad taste (and luckily it didn't have to try at Nemo), but one that is appreciated.

For Miami Beach prices, Nemo was not outrageously expensive. It is an area where for a nice dinner out you can expect to pay more than you might in other cities, and comparitively Nemo was reasonable.

Nemo is located at 100 Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, Florida. 305.532.4550