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Comment from: hermano [Visitor]

last week, some friends took us out to a place called Outback Steakhouse - it was good - it had kind of a autralian outback meets every sports bar type theme going for it

for an appetizer, the table got a rather delightful pork and starch plate called “Aussie Bacon Cheese Fries” - this was served with a white ranch dipping sauce in a plastic cup

next came the salads, which were superb. i had a “Caesar” salad, presumably named for the amount of dressing which could only sate an autocrat of Julius’ caliber

while the rest of the table ordered the 12 ounce house specialty, i ventured elsewhere, to the “Down Under Favorites” section of this rather extensive menu, and ordered the Cyclone Pasta - this little alfredo-doused, chicken and sundried tomato number whisked me right up and had me shouting for more

i kid, i kid

10/25/05 @ 15:12

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