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Hot Deal from Amazon: A Bronx Tale

October 26th, 2004
A Bronx Tale DVD $4.99 Buy it NOW. more »

The Ladykillers

October 19th, 2004
Academy Award-winning Tom Hanks turns in a hilariously original performance in THE LADYKILLERS, the laugh-out-loud comedy that explodes with outrageous wit and slapstick humor from the Coen Brothers. Underneath Professor G.H. Dorr's (Hanks)… more »

Almost Famous

October 12th, 2004
Cameron Crowe's first film since his Academy Award nominated hit Jerry Maguire captures a pivotol time in the history of rock and roll. Set in 1973, it chronicles the funny and often poignant coming of age of 15-year-old William (Patrick Fugit), an… more »

Shark Tale

October 9th, 2004
Went to see Shark Tale this afternoon as a means of killing time between a wedding and its reception. I was not thrilled by Dreamworks' work on this one. There were some absolutely hilarious parts, but there were also too many slow moments to carry the… more »


October 9th, 2004
So I am still pretty much on the fence about this movie as to whether to list it as a "Watch" or "Don't Watch." The premise of this movie is that Julianne Moore believes she had a son and that someone is trying to erase him from her memory. She fights… more »