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Comment from: comedycat [Visitor]

Re: Clifton Collins Jr

Don’t forget Traffic, Tigerland… or Tack in The Stoned Age! ;)

But seriosuly, Cliff rocks. I really hope more know who he is from this film. He’s a very cool guy and never seems to get the credit he deserves (a few times now his name has been left off the poster/box for a film, yet he is in the top 4-5 billing in the credits).

Thanks to Philip Seymour Hoffman winning the Golden Globe (and sure to be nominated for an Oscar), this film will be kicking around for a while before it goes to DVD.


01/20/06 @ 07:02
Comment from: [Member]

You will not get much love out of me for Traffic. Tigerland is another story. That is one of my favorite movies. I do realize it is hard for me to say that after leaving it out of performances to see Mr. Collins in, but there you have it. Can’t say I’ve seen Tack in the Stoned Age…..

01/23/06 @ 19:48

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