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Comment from: cupcake [Visitor]

I cannot believe not one Pedro Almodovar movie made this list. What about Carne Tremula? or Todo Sobre Mi Madre?

04/13/06 @ 08:54
Comment from: [Member]

Rumor has it, but this IS just a rumor, it is much easier for a movie to make your top 5 list when you have seen it.

And since when do you watch movies like that?!?

04/13/06 @ 09:03
Comment from: cupcake [Visitor]

I started watching those movies at Villanova’s cultural film series while I was taking Spanish. I enjoy watching foreign films. Wow, something Peter didn’t know about miss cupcake. I am quite certain I’ve commented about those movies to you at some point or another, especially considering how erotic his films are.

04/13/06 @ 09:18

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