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November 30th, 2006
Clerks II From the Main Menu, highlight and select "Special Features." The Special Features menu has two pages. If you highlight and select "more" you will be taken to the second page. Randal (Jeff Anderson) appears on the right side of the screen.… more »

Four Brothers

November 29th, 2006
Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, AndrĂ© Benjamin and Garrett Hedlund co-star in this gripping tale of brotherly love, betrayal, and revenge from acclaimed filmmaker John Singleton. After their adoptive mother is gunned down during a grocery store holdup,… more »

November 28th, 2006
Tommy: Look at 'em there, pretty maids all in a row. I want the one on the left; she's perfect. Which one d'you want? Huh, huh, huh?... Alright. Paul: Does it make a difference? Tommy: Oh yeah. Wait a second. Is this your first time? Paul: Yeah Tommy,… more »

Movie of the Month - December, 2006

November 27th, 2006
The Muppet Christmas Carol Charles Dickens's classic holiday story sparkles with humor and whimsy in the hands of the always hilarious Muppets! Michael Caine stars as the penny-pinching Ebenezer Scrooge in a performance that's anything but "bah humbug!"… more »


November 24th, 2006
Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx and Jake Gyllenhaal star in this critically acclaimed, brilliantly unconventional war story from Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes. Jarhead (the self-imposed moniker of the Marines) follows Swoff (Gyllenhaal) from a… more »

Top 5 Movies: In Black & White

November 23rd, 2006
1. Lost Horizon 2. Casablanca 3. Clerks 4. Raging Bull 5. M (Honorable Mention: Seven Samurai) | Discuss it | more »

November 22nd, 2006
Mac: But our shenanigans are cheeky and fun! Thorny: Yeah, and his shenanigans are cruel and tragic. Foster: Which... makes them not really shenanigans at all. Mac: Evil shenanigans! more »

Saw II

November 15th, 2006
Jigsaw is back. The brilliant, disturbed mastermind returns for another round of horrifying life-or-death games. When a new murder victim is discovered with all the signs of Jigsaw's hand, Detective Eric Matthews begins a full investigation and… more »

November 11th, 2006
Judge Smails: You know, you should play with Dr. Beeper and myself. I mean, he's been club champion for three years running and I'm no slouch myself. Ty Webb: Don't sell yourself short Judge, you're a tremendous slouch. more »


November 10th, 2006
Shadowboxer is an emotionally-charged, full-throttle thriller, which delves deep into the harsh underworld of organized crime and uncovers the complex lives of trained assassins, Mikey (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) and Rose (Helen Mirren). But when a brutal crime… more »