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Comment from: Alicia [Visitor]  

I liked the movie but I expected historical accuracy thus I left the theater disappointed.
(Yes, I understand that’s my own fault for expecting that. It did say Frank Miller’s 300, not History’s 300).
The primitive energy…I see how a big man like Peter could be taken by the spirit of the movie but I…the last time I felt primitive energy was in 5th grade, running after a kid who lifted my skirt up.

04/10/07 @ 13:03
Comment from: Rachel [Visitor]  

I absolutely loved this movie.
Who doesn’t love good looking, half naked guys running around being manly for two hours? Katie couldn’t watch all the limb severing and bludgeoning, but I thought it was great.

Also, the fact that Rodrigo Santoro (Karl from Love Actually) played Xerxes, was crazy.

And I think David Wenham looks better with his hair dishevled and his eye cut out better than he does as Farimir. But that’s just me.

04/28/07 @ 18:06
Comment from: [Member]

Xerxes was a little effeminate, wasn’t he? That was slightly bizarre, but I guess we can get into debates about femininity being so closely linked with divinity, couldn’t we?

That’s a stretch :P

04/30/07 @ 07:52
Comment from: Rachel [Visitor]  

You’re a stretch.

04/30/07 @ 21:56

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