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October 28th, 2008
Joey Naylor: Why did you tell that reporter all your secrets? Nick Naylor: You're too young to understand. Joey Naylor: Mom says it's because you have dependency issues and it was all just a matter of time before you threw it all away on some tramp.… more »

Movie of the Month - November, 2008

October 24th, 2008
Layer Cake Planning to retire and begin a new life, Mr. X (Daniel Craig), a successful West End drug dealer, has been asked for one last favor: to negotiate the sale of one million hits of Ecstacy. Unfortunately for Mr. X, the pills were stolen from a… more »


October 8th, 2008
REDBELT is the story of Mike Terry (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a Jiu-Jitsu master who has avoided the prize fighting circuit, choosing instead to pursue an honorable life by operating a self-defense studio with a samurai's code. An accident on a dark, rainy… more »

October 3rd, 2008
Craig Schwartz: Can I buy you a drink, Maxine? Maxine: Are you married? Craig Schwartz: Yes, but enough about me. more »

I'm walking!

October 1st, 2008
As my fourth week "post-op" (knee surgery. no big deal.) comes to a close, I face an exciting milestone. Tomorrow I get to put weight on my right leg for the first time in a month. I told my physical therapist that I will crutch through the office all… more »