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Comment from: Rachael [Visitor]

I am surprised you went with this one as the other memorable line was quite awesome.

04/05/13 @ 09:55

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Comment from: Duygu [Visitor]

1) Under The Tuscan Sun
2) I’m Juli
3) La Finastra Di Fronte
4) My Neighbor Totoro
5) After Sunset

01/05/13 @ 18:55

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Comment from: Cagney [Visitor]

I think it’s streaming. Imma watch it soon!

07/07/11 @ 11:38

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Comment from: Beth [Visitor]

Freddie Highmore…swoon…

06/16/11 @ 18:28

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Comment from: [Member]

Thanks, man.

05/23/11 @ 13:52

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Comment from: Cagney [Visitor]

I loved this movie. Glad you got around to seeing it. I think you nailed it with this line: “An experience and a transformation that gently remove them from each other’s future.” Thanks!

05/23/11 @ 13:19

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Comment from: plate roll [Visitor]  
plate roll

The Dennis Quaid/Ellen Page combination I loved. I don’t know why, but them together just made the movie funny and more enjoyable. Makes me want to go see Sideways as well!

01/14/10 @ 12:21

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Comment from: durma [Visitor]  

The soundtrack is amazing. I think the soundtrack is better than the movie! Movie was still good, but it’s tough to get better than multiple songs from iron and wine and Stephen Trask!

01/14/10 @ 12:18

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Comment from: gretta [Visitor]  

where’ve you been!

12/17/09 @ 15:46

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Comment from: mel [Visitor]  

Never seen that movie! Never heard of it either…

09/23/09 @ 15:29

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Comment from: [Member]

Thanks. It’s only temporary though…

08/11/09 @ 07:31

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Comment from: A. [Visitor]  

Love the new site.

08/10/09 @ 11:55

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Comment from: alyssa [Visitor]  

You Loved It?? Was that the first movie you’ve ever seen? This movie was absolute rubbish and I’m thinking of writing the director and asking for my money back! The trailer showed talking warrior- like polar bears and that was about the only thing that was okay .PS. If you like polar bears go watch a documentary you Idiots.
The plot was so full of holes and didn’t leave me wanting to know what is going to happen next. If you think about it, the deamons were totally worthless and meant nothing to the plot. In addtion, the movie was about a good vs evil sort of thing which ironically, didn’t leave the audience in suspense. I didn’t even care about it and it drug on forever.

06/18/09 @ 22:53

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Comment from: mb [Visitor]  

Born Into Brothels Kids Sue Filmmakers! (Calcutta newspaper, August 2008)

Yes, it’s true.

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06/15/09 @ 22:17

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Comment from: Rachael [Visitor]  

No but ‘Family Guy’ does have a musical number that is just as comical. “Haven’t you heard? The bird is the word. The bird, bird, bird..” This makes me giggle.

Again, I wish there were G clef signs on the keyboard…sigh.

I didn’t think the movie was that bad but I also laughed more.

05/08/09 @ 11:15

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Comment from: Alicia [Visitor]  

Did Family Guy have a musical number like “Rock me sexy Jesus"?

05/07/09 @ 11:06

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Comment from: Rachael [Visitor]  

I like this :)

05/04/09 @ 10:18

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Comment from: Ferna [Visitor]  

You have to love stupid humor and know the history of music to enjoy this film! Very funny!!!

Noticed that some people didn’t really pick up on/understand the mockery due to the lack of knowledge of musicians from past eras.

Overall, I laughed through the whole thing!

05/03/09 @ 05:16

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Comment from: Rachael [Visitor]  

I couldn’t agree more.

04/14/09 @ 17:01

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Comment from: Rachael [Visitor]  

This was a very cute and funny movie. Kind of typical for its genre, yet more enjoyable with a solid ending.

02/19/09 @ 12:29