The Sting

September 15th, 2004


The StingWhile we're on the topic of ageless, classic movies...we were on the topic of ageless, classic movies, weren't we? Last night I popped in one of my absolute favorites. The Sting, starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford (best onscreen duo ever?), is a movie that I could watch over and over. Well, I do watch it over and over.

What could be better than watching two guys down on their luck attempt to pull of the "big con?" Both Newman and Redford play the same characters for which they are known. Newman is the older, wiser mentor to a younger, foolhardy Redford.

I put this movie in last night with a buddy (Wil) who wanted to watch a movie that would keep him guessing until the very end. He likes mysteries and he likes having to figure out what is going on. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy the film and said it was an excellent choice by me. I have been impressing upon him that he needs to see this movie for sometime now and last night he told me that after seeing the movie he finally understood why I said it was so good.

Movies about the confidence game and grifting are hard to do well. You have to make sure that the audience follows along with the grift, but only to a certain extent. The Sting is my favorite movie in this design. If you like the genre, I do recommend Confidence and Matchstick Men.

Two movies with which I am not as familiar, though am told are also worth checking out, are The Grifters and Paper Moon.

If you've not seen The Sting, you really should. And if you have seen it, you should watch it again.

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Little Black Book

September 6th, 2004

So I am actually admitting publicly that I saw "Little Black Book." This is the movie with Brittany Murphy and Ron Livingston.

The good thing is that I have a newfound crush on Brittany Murphy. The bad news is that I actually had to sit through this movie. For roughly twenty minutes this movie wasn't bad. As soon as she begins to actually go through his stuff in digging up his past, the movie makes a drastic turn for the worse and never recovers. This flick could have actually saved itself from being so bad if it ended about 3 minutes sooner than it actually does. It just went too far.

I'm picking the next one...


September 6th, 2004


Alien v. Predator.

Saw this yesterday. I have to say, as a fan of Alien and a fan of Predator, I will still skeptical to see this movie. It looked like sci-fi garbage that was just the next film in the line of crossover characters like the mistake that was Jason v. Freddy. I was, however, pleasantly surprised at how entertained I was in AVP. Sure I had my complaints, but that is expected.

Alien v. Predator will not win any awards in 2004...but it was still fun to watch and entertaining almost from start to finish.

Giants of Anime

August 31st, 2004


For those interested in Anime...

Click here for a great article that not only outlines a few soon to be released movies that will make waves, but also chronicles the history of Japanese Animation.

This was great information for me, someone who enjoys the movies/shorts/shows, but never understood much about the industry and how it began.

(The article appears in the September 2004 issue of Wired Magazine)

Quoting movies.

August 24th, 2004

My question is how many people really quote movies well? I would imagine that a decent percentage of teens and even twenty-somethings would have a good handle on movie dialogue. There is no way I am the only one who breaks into an occassional movie line.

My sisters get mad when our brother is in town as we've been known to go off on tangents of conversation involving 100% movie quotes. Sure I may throw them in more frequently than most people, and sometimes they tend to be slightly obscure (both the quote and the movie they it is from), but I never do expect you to know them. Well, some I do expect you to know.

(My sisters both missed an Augustus Gloop reference last night at dinner...)

I do like, however, that I do get to watch movies with people on a more frequent basis when I quote movies that they have never seen. It's a nice way of indirectly finding out which movies your friends can't live another day without watching. You should look into it.

(The comic is Heart of the City)

Garden State

August 21st, 2004


So despite the fact that this movie has been playing around here since it's limited release began, I finally saw it on the night of it's national release.

The question is how do I start to talk about this movie. I guess I should start with telling you how amazing this movie is. I have been waiting for this movie to come out for a long time. This movie has been heralded as the movie that will define my generation. That I feel is an understatement. The beauty of this movie is that I can tell you that and I know that it will not ruin your movie-going experience. I can say that because I follow it with this: this movie will mean something different to everyone that sees it. I came through with my character defining laugh that annoyed every person in the theatre minus myself many many times throughout the movie, though the encompassing plot was not a comedy.

This is a compassionate tale of a dysfunctional family that through a series of tragic events may have found a way towards functionality. The movie more than anything to me meant hope. It was great to walk out of this and just feel good. Mind you, this was not a feeling of "boy am I glad I was not forced by my parents to take Lithium for the majority of my life" kind of good, this was the restoration of faith in humanity to make a story that had no explosions, no nudity, and plenty of fun.

Garden State really is just about real people. Sure the real people it's about need a little help, but this movie shows that who doesn't? There was nothing in this movie that was out of place. Everything that happened, even the few things unexpected, were expertly pieced together.

This was my kind of movie.

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