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The Coral - In The Morning

April 24th, 2007
The Coral - In The Morning I like recommendations as much as the next guy - maybe even more - but not when they crawl into my brain and won't leave. I guess I will offer my thanks to Ace, who had the poor taste to tell me about this little ditty. I… more »

Josh Rouse - She's Spanish, I'm American EP

April 13th, 2007
Well if your first thought is anything like mine, let me calm your nerves - this album features neither DJ Jazzy Jeff nor the Fresh Prince. What? No love for a He's the DJ, I'm The Rapper joke? You're right. That was bad. Ok, so rather than that… more »

April 13th, 2007
If I told you things I did before, told you how I used to be, would you go along with someone like me? more »

Mat Kearney - Nothing Left To Lose

April 11th, 2007
I consider Jack Johnson to be the most popular "first name last name" singer/songwriter over the past few years. It might be because of that loosely-based criteria or because Mat Kearney's voice reminds me a little of Jack that I compare the two. The… more »