Hot Hot Heat - Elevator

February 15th, 2006

Singles from the band's 2002 album Make Up The Breakdown including, but not limited to, Oh Goddamnit and Bandages prompted me to seek out Elevator. Hot Hot Heat - ElevatorThis album signals the major-label debut for this rock quartet from Vancouver, B.C..

I like the album a lot. Vocalist Steve Bays has a unique sound that I feel is lacking in many areas of music today. Much of what I stumble upon recently sounds the same; it is nice to know I can turn on Hot Hot Heat to escape the monotony. My favorite tracks on Elevator are Running Out of Time, Goodnight Goodnight, You Owe Me An IOU and Middle of Nowhere.

My only complaint with the album is that it is very short.

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December 29th, 2005
The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan - Denial TwistIf you think holding hands is all in the fingers, grab hold of the soul where the memory lingers...

Immortal Beloved OST

December 14th, 2005

Does it get any better than with Ludwig Van? I think not. This album is fantastic. I am normally not a huge classical music listener, but I was looking for some to listen to while I study. Immortal BelovedWhen I go to the library to get work done, I like the quiet, but I get distracted by people shuffling their feet and whatever else. Having my headphones on eliminates that background noise. Music with words, even if I do not know them, is still distracting. Some jazz, though wordless, is too fast and thus counterproductive as well. Beethoven is just what the doctor ordered.

I cannot refer to what I have done thus far in school as success, but what I have been able to do I attribute to Beethoven. These songs relax me when I get worked up and help me concentrate when I study. The songs are all good, but by far I recommend track 2 over the rest. Fur Elise has become what may be my all-time favorite recording.

I did not choose this album specifically when I was looking for classical music. I actually happened upon it quite randomly. I listened to a few other albums which had some of the same tracks, but were not quite what I was looking for. Then came the Immortal Beloved soundtrack. The rest is history.

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December 12th, 2005
Fall Out Boy - From Under the Cork Tree - Nobody Puts Baby In The CornerI'll be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake.

Louis XIV - The Best Little Secrets Are Kept

December 8th, 2005

Louis XIV hit the charts running with their single "Finding Out True Love is Blind." The band's sound is one that is not heard frequently on many, if any, radio stations these days. It is, however, one from days past. Louis XIV has, in the minds of many, signified the resurrection of Glam Rock. That may excite you, it may not.

Louis XIV - The Best Little Secrets Are KeptFrom what little research I have done, of contemporary bands, Louis XIV has been compared mostly to The White Stripes and Hot Hot Heat, though each time the comparison is made then clarified with "though [Louis XIV is] not as good."

That may be true, but these guys from San Diego are certainly turning heads. If for nothing more than just to hear the lyrics, listen to this album. I will not say that the album is fantastic, nor will it have much staying power in my music rotation, but it is worth a listen. Give Louis XIV a chance.

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O.A.R. - Risen

September 21st, 2005

O.A.R. (Of A Revolution) is probably most well known for their hit single "That Was A Crazy Game of Poker" from the The Wanderer album.

O.A.R. - RisenI was driven to this album after hearing the live version of "Hey Girl" from Any Time Now. It is a great song, though after listening to all of Risen it has become my second favorite. "Delicate Few" is a song that I find myself gravitating to each time I cycle through my iPod for a song to play.

O.A.R. if you are not familiar is often described as a jam-band, if you like that style. I guess I don't listen to enough music to be able to offer any similar artists, but lists Dispatch, Guster, Ben Harper, Phish, Dave Mathews, and G. Love & Special Sauce among others.

I really like this album and I really like this band.

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Mike Doughty

May 6th, 2005

Mike DoughtyFor years (and a handful of albums) Mike Doughty was vocalist for the band Soul Coughing. The band split up in 2000, now Mike is working on his solo career.

Mike has now released two solo albums as his second (Haughty Melodic) was released this past Tuesday.

You can download and listen to a live version of the single "White Lexus" from

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Shake the Sheets

April 12th, 2005

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Shake the SheetsMy first Ted Leo experience came through Yahoo! as they run the streaming music I listen to in the office (Launch). The first track I heard was "Me and Mia" and I had to hear more.

Little did I know, Ted Leo is a rock icon. From his younger days with the band Chisel to now working with the Pharmacists, Ted Leo has made many fans through the ages. He can now add me to that list.

I feel rather out of the loop on this guy since he is so immensely popular and I am just hearing about him for the first time, but such is life. Shake the Sheets is a healthy dose of punk music appropriate for any listener.

My favorite tracks on the album are "Me and Mia" and "Counting Down the Hours". Their other albums are Hearts of Oak and The Tyranny of Distance. They released an EP called Treble in Trouble.

Track Listing
01. Me and Mia
02. The Angels' Share
03. The One Who Got Us Out
04. Counting Down The Hours
05. Little Dawn
06. Heart Problems
07. Criminal Piece
08. Better Dead Than Lead
09. Shake The Sheets
10. Bleeding Powers
11. Walking to Do

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Green Day - American Idiot

March 7th, 2005

This is the first Green Day album I have listened to in any depth since Dookie. I am not sure if I have been missing out, but American Idiot would certainly suggest that I have. I had heard nothing but good things about this album and it was time I found out for myself if they were true.

I will admit now that this review is a bit overdue as I have been listening to the album for a few weeks. I really enjoy it. Green Day takes a pretty interesting political and social stance that you do not generally see in mainstream music. My favorite tracks off of the album are #2 "Jesus of Suburbia" and #3 "Holiday". Green Day - American Idiot

A pretty interesting piece of gossip is that there will be a movie deal for Green Day associated with this album. That would be pretty exciting for the boys in the band I am sure. That on top of winning the Grammy for Best Rock Album in 2004 should make them pretty proud of American Idiot. Check it out.

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February 3rd, 2005
Jurassic 5 - Quality Control - ContributionThe most that you can spend on any child is time.