The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow

September 1st, 2004

Generally this genre of music is referred to as "Drew music." Drew is my older brother and he thrives on this stuff. Most of the time I stear clear of it, though with the exception of that blasted country music, I'll listen to most anything. Drew told me about The Shins some time ago and I listened to a song or two, but never gave 'em much of a chance.

Today the suggestion that I listed to the album Chutes Too Narrow came my way. While ironing a few shirts, I decided to put on some music and I figured, "why not try The Shins?" Short story even shorter, I put it on.

Chutes Too NarrowThis is not the type of music I can drive to, it would put me to sleep and I would run into oncoming traffic, but if I'm sitting around the house, this is great background music. Mind you, this is not a complaint agains The Shins themselves, simply the genre. While...oh say...ironing, great to listen to. While, cleaning, mmhmm. Reading, if you can listen to music while you read, sure. Even while trying to take a nap if things are too quiet and/or you like to fall asleep to music.

To the album itself, pretty good. My favorite track is #4, "Young Pilgrims." This is just a very fun track. The final track (#10), "Those To Come" is also very good. There is not a song on this short cd that I do not like. I'm actually listening to it the third time through already tonight.

(this was recommendation #1 from J.J. the other 9 or so will be up in due time...)

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