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Comment from: Brown [Visitor]

You’re on a roll man! Great song… I discovered it as well, I think it was last summer. Check out “Brooklyn is Burning", and “I Shot William H. Macy” (the first is a good song, the second is a good song title) as well. These guys aren’t too genre-friendly (hardcore singer + Gorillaz beatmaster). I’ve been wanting to build a mix with either “Beating” or “Brooklyn", but I am having the same problem you are. Unfortunately I’m at work and can’t browse my music collection for suggestions for you… I’ll try to get back to you cause now I’m itchin’ to make my mix.

05/05/06 @ 15:11
Comment from: [Member]

Talk about putting the pressure on me to keep it up. Watch, the next one I post will ruin my streak. Great, I really like the one I was going to put up next, too…

05/05/06 @ 15:52

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