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Comment from: April [Visitor]

Fur Elise is such an amazing song. I won third place in state finals playing it when I was in jr. high.

12/14/05 @ 23:45
Comment from: [Member]

On what? The tuba? I didn’t know you played the tuba. How fascinating. It is true what they say. You do learn something new every day.

12/15/05 @ 06:43
Comment from: April [Visitor]

My piano has been sitting at my Grandmothers house up north for the last 6 years, otherwise I’d probably still be good. I played for 10 years.

12/15/05 @ 08:44
Comment from: bluedaffodil [Visitor]

If you are looking for good study music, look into the unaccompanied Bach Cello Suites. There is a fantastic recording by Yo-Yo Ma. That music got me through my studying for my hardest college course; it’s non-distracting, but at the same time, beautiful music in its own merit.

And no- it doesn’t get any better than Ludwig Van. :)

09/18/09 @ 08:20

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