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Logitech Ultimate Ears 600 Noise-Isolating Earphones

February 8th, 2011

These buds do not require battery power, which is nice. When you place them in your ears, things get quiet. The tips (which come in 5 different sizes) fit into your ear and block the outside noise, effectively isolating what you hear to what is piped in through the ear buds. I'm not an engineer, nor someone with the technical wherewithal to explain the science of it. If you need that information, I'm sure it is out there somewhere. What you can take away from me is that the sound-isolation works where you need it to work and they still provide a great listening experience.

The first important test for me was whether these would provide solace on an airplane. When I used these on the plane, they were great. I did not have to fight with background noise of scores of people clustered together. Thankfully my flights were devoid of screaming babies, but I can say that while these will help, they will not completely thwart the dreaded screaming baby on the plane.

My second test was at work. My work space is in a high-traffic area with a relatively constant parade of people past my door. Whether they walk by alone: with heavy footsteps, the swish of textured fabric on textured fabric as one thigh scrapes against the other in forward motion, or ruffling and rattling of things carried by; or walk by in pairs with constant chatter of only the most intellectually-stimulating and life-enriching topics, I can successfully block it all out.

These are good for the gym, too, especially if your gym pipes music in as mine does. I can block out what comes through the overhead speakers and the mechanical noises of the cardio equipment and listen to my own music uninterrupted.

I have tried these through a variety of artists and genres. I think the sound is easily as good and better than the standard-issue Apple ear buds that come with iPods, which I still have and enjoy. I just don't need them anymore since my Logitechs are better and do more. The good sound and the sound-isolation makes for a good effect of letting you immerse yourself in your music. I have been happy with how they have handled classical to rock to electronic to hip-hop. These have become my everyday-use headphones/ear buds. I have some sound-canceling headphones that I have reserved use for special sound-canceling occasions. These buds do not need to be for special occasions.

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