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Fantasy Football 2005

August 31st, 2005
As of nearly midnight last night, the deed has been done. Our draft is completed and our rosters set. Yet another year of being in just one fantasy football league, but that is just fine by me. This time last year I had already been told that I would… more »

Vacation Observation #3

August 28th, 2005
Apparently I am actually capable of sleeping like a normal person, just not when I am home. I slept well all week up north, but now back home I've had two nights when I couldn't fall asleep. I guess it is better that I accept it and even embrace it. My… more »

Vacation Observation #2

August 25th, 2005
If ever there was one who was good at this thing called "vacation", I think I am him. I feel there is an art to it; an art that I did not create, though I have made it my own. I think I should like to do this full time, given the opportunity. Now all I… more »

Vacation Observation #1

August 24th, 2005
There is a fine line between getting away from your thoughts and being alone with them. Tread lightly. more »

August 21st, 2005
Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.- Mahatma Gandhi more »

Gas Prices.

August 17th, 2005
The price of gasoline is getting ridiculous. I know that in other countries gas costs much more than it does here, so we have little room for complaint in the grand scheme of things, but we are American. We don't care about the grand scheme, do we? I… more »

The Fred Hoiberg Rule

August 16th, 2005
The National Basketball Association (NBA) implemented an amnesty clause by which the teams may avoid luxury tax by releasing a player under the clause. This was a one-time deal for the teams to waive any player and be released from obligation to pay the… more »

Dropped Change.

August 15th, 2005
Someone please explain to me the accepted course of action when it comes to dropped change. You may rifle through your pocket to fish out your car keys or maybe you had to dig through a purse with God knows what contents and oops, some change falls out.… more »

Exam time.

August 12th, 2005
Exam week is almost over. For those of use who only have two classes, exam week is only half over, but who is counting? The question that popped into my head when I drove home last night after my test (by way of the Chinese restaurant) was a simple one,… more »

The Game of Golf: How Beautifully Obscene.

August 10th, 2005
There is a very unique phenomenon that occurs around the links that I will ask you now to consider. There exists a nearly perfect correlation between a player's handicap and his creative use of swear words. As you stray farther and farther from that… more »