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Commentators Should Be More Selective.

March 27th, 2006
This past weekend the NCAA Tournament narrowed its field to the Final Four teams. Congratulations to LSU, UCLA, George Mason and Florida for their success. During some games, the analysts providing play-by-play give a player's background. It is a… more »

The Uninvited Guest.

March 27th, 2006
I was highly entertained yesterday while at lunch with my parents. Our family is very close and I am comfortable saying that it is always entertaining when we are together, but yesterday was different. They told me a story that started with my mom… more »

The Letter Should Read Like This...

March 26th, 2006
Dear Coach Al Skinner, Thanks for the help. Sincerely, Billy Donovan more »


March 23rd, 2006
I want to say that I am sorry to those few of you who have commented from blogspot locations. If you put your blogspot url with your comment(s) I accidentally deleted it/them. Truth be told I did it on purpose...kind of. In my on-going battle against… more »

AquaKnox - Las Vegas, NV

March 21st, 2006
AquaKnox - Global Water Cuisine AquaKnox's fresh colors reflect the vibrancy of the cool ocean waters. Experience an environment designed to entertain your every sense, highlighted by a water encased walk-in wine cellar and a state of the art open… more »

2nd Round NCAA Action

March 20th, 2006
What happens when you take Wil Morris's man-crush on Kevin Pittsnogle, teach him about the rapid-capture action-shot capability of my camera and let him loose on the West Virginia v. Northwestern State game? 148 pictures. (Though in fairness, included… more »


March 9th, 2006
This young lady (Erin) works for a local news station and moonlights at home games for the Detroit Pistons. She works on the promotions team and can be seen throughout the night in the stands hosting the contests for the fans. One of the contests we… more »

The Groin.

March 7th, 2006
Why? Can you tell me? I do not understand why we see adult (in the eyes of the government) men who feel the need to hit/punch/kick each other in such a sensitive area. A story has arisen from a basketball player at George Mason University who, in the… more »

Lovely weather we're having...

March 3rd, 2006
I spent the better part of this week in Phoenix, Arizona for a client conference. If you have never travelled to one, they typically entail a golf outing, one or more open bar receptions, a handful of meetings, and a dinner complete with awards banquet.… more »