Only in the movies? I think not.

February 13th, 2005

Yesterday (Saturday) morning I had somewhere I had to be at 8:30am. It was the type of engagement that had I missed it I would have needed to wait 4 months for another appointment. My appointment was to take my LSATs and once the testing has begun, if you are late you do not get to take the test. The next test date is scheduled for June.

Sure I was smart enough to leave plenty early. No surprises at the testing site if you arrive early enough. I only had one stop to make on my way. Makes sense to swing by the convenience store for an eraser in case of any mistakes on the exam, does it not?

I exit the store and get in my car. Backing out of my parking space I notice that something is afoot. Parking halfway out of the space I run around my car to see my front right tire completely flat.

What I thought was an innocent incident, apparently was more severe. On route to the store the truck in front of me ran over an umbrella of all things. In doing so the umbrella flew out from beneath the truck directly front right tire.

Long story shortened in the interest of your time, it is a good thing that my parents live 10 minutes away from the store in whose parking lot I was stranded. I was, however, prepared to seek other means to make my appointment. Thoughts crossed my mind to walk back into the store and ask for a ride. I was even ready to walk the remainder of the way; I was not far away mind you.

Nothing too exciting. Just dumb luck.

(In the end I made it on time and my tire was changed shortly after my test. The test went as well as was expected. I get my results in a few weeks.)

The Internet has reached a new low.

February 7th, 2005

Ebay not on the up and up?Playing around on the internet as I, like many, often do, I happened upon a site this morning not unlike many others. It was a blog with a more preachy atmosphere (not my style) but one thing on the page really stuck out in my mind. It had nothing to do with the page's author which is why the link is not included. Through simple Google banners it is amazing to see what the internet has to offer.

I understand that the logic built into the Google ad just grabs text from the current page and shows that you can search eBay for anything under the sun, but I would guess stem cells might be one item they might not want to advertise. But as always, I could be wrong...It's just not likely ;).

Terrell Owens Video.

February 4th, 2005

In honor of the Super Bowl this Sunday, I offer you a short clip from

Click here to see T.O. doing the Ray Lewis Dance

Oh, and GO BIRDS!

Never again.

February 3rd, 2005

So I am the type of person who does not venture out much in terms of menu variability. When I got to a restaurant, not for the first time, I almost always get the same thing. Most places I visit I have my "go to" order. I know what I am getting when I walk in the door, I do not even require a menu.

I would be remiss if I said I cannot think of any time(s) when this is used against me by friends and/or family. I am given a hard time over simply knowing what I want. If you know a restaurant is good, you go there. If you know an item on the menu is good, would you not get it? Why go out and risk having a bad meal? I do not see the point in it.

I listen to a skipping record in my head that plays, "Why not try something else?" over and over again. Funny how the voice on the recording is my parents, my siblings and my friends all at the same time.

Fine, today I tried something else. I went to a restaurant I enjoy roughly one time each week and ordered something other than what I get normally. When the waitress seats me she asks if I want the usual. (Yes, the usual. Having your own "usual" is a beautiful thing.) Here I have to tell this poor woman that her world is coming to a crashing halt as I am not getting what I always get. She actually thought I was kidding. I ordered something else and she gave me a funny look and asked if I meant it.

"I cannot believe it either," I wanted to tell her.

But I actually went through with it. Do I feel as though I am a better person for it? Not even a little bit. You know what? My lunch was not very good today. My "go to", the USUAL, is significantly better than what I ate today.

Maybe it was psychological. Perhaps I had talked myself out of liking what I got today because it was not my usual. Did you think of that too? YOU'RE WRONG. It was just not as good.

I ate it, sure. I went through with it. To appease you all, I ordered something different. And I will never do it again.

Apparent news from Gmail.

February 2nd, 2005

It would appear that Gmail is ready to expand at a more rapid rate. Though account creation is still on an invitation-only basis, the invitations current users are granted have expanded. What has been 3-10 invitations at a time that we are awarded to dole out since Gmail started is now revamped. Gmail Invites

Logging into my Gmail this morning as my Gmail Notifier alerted me that I had an e-mail in my inbox I saw this new invitation box. Beyond setting my mom up with her very own Gmail account (finally able to tear her away from a certain company that goes by a simple three letter acronym), I don't know what to do with 50 invitations.

As with before, if you are interested just leave a comment if you're interested in an invitation. If you are worried about the internet boogeyman stealing your e-mail address I won't complain if you send me "name (at) domain (dot) com". And no, I will not use your e-mail address for anything other than sending you your Gmail invite.

As an avid supporter of Google and everything that they do, I am glad to see that Gmail is finally getting off the ground and they are opening it up to more users. It would be nice if I could look forward to a 2005-06 Google Fantasy Football League (hint hint). Add that and streaming audio and I will never have any reason to visit "the competition".

Good v. Bad - 02012005

February 1st, 2005

What is good is when it is Thursday afternoon and you suddenly realize that tomorrow is Friday. You think, "Man, this week really flew!"


What is bad is when it is Tuesday night and you finish the leftovers your mom gave you to take home after dinner with your parents a few nights ago and are washing dishes and suddenly you realize it's only Tuesday. Friday could hardly be further away.

It hasn't even been a particularly trying week for me work-wise; especially in comparison to the previous two. It was nice that I was not feeling ambitious this evening. As our meeting came to an end this afternoon/evening my boss asked if I had any crazy plans. I explained to her that if in fact ambitious was how I felt, my big plans tonight meant ironing. With that to look forward to it is certainly hard to imagine how my motivation to iron those shirts disappeared the second I walked through my door.

I am 24 years old. On Monday I did a few loads of laundry. On Tuesday I had planned to iron clothes washed Monday. My god my life is exciting.

Losing my mind.

January 28th, 2005

Making a long, boring story short, this week has been a difficult one. Things at work have simply left me mentally exhausted and sleep has been no haven for me. On top of my usual inability to fall asleep pre-11:30pm I have been coming in to work at 6-6:15 thus getting up that much earlier.

I had decided that things are weighing heavily on me now, but in a few days I'll be bouncing around again. I just need a few days of concerted effort towards clearing my mind and relaxing. That theory is now out the window.

Just when my week was near its end, the first signs on senility began to settle in and make themselves at home. My alarm sounded at 4:30 and as I stirred in bed I realized that I had a song stuck in my head. This was no ordinary song. My first thought as I rolled over was, "Luke be a Jedi tonight" (harmony and music included).

The reference there is to an episode of The Simpsons in which Mark Hamill guest stars and plays lead in a version of "Guys and Dolls". Luke be a Jedi tonight.

I have not seen this episode in a great while; there is no foreseeable reason for it to echo through my mind.

Is there any hope left for me?

I could get used to this.

January 23rd, 2005

After a BIG win against Kansas yesterday, this is on the homepage for tonight. Villanova Wildcats

Here is the LINK to the full article. Go 'Cats!

Winter Conditions

January 22nd, 2005

Apparently my condo up and moved itself to the North Pole over night. Sure we're seeing the same weather as much of the midwest/northeast, but for some reason things seem different here. I can honestly say that I never expected to look out my window and see what I can only assume is a neighbor trudging through the snow in snowshoes. I live in a fairly highly populated development and though most people stay indoors, I know it's a relatively big community. I was surprised to even see someone outside let alone someone on snowshoes with ski poles for balance. I've not yet been outside today, but I can't fathom we have more than 6 inches of accumulation. That is really not that much snow yet I can't help thinking a few things.

Why does that person have snowshoes?
Was he/she just out for a walk?
Is a gym membership more expensive than snowshoes?

Then things got dramatic.
Were they out of canned food and had no other option but to brave the elements in an effort to make it to help in this winter storm?
Was there too much snow around the car thus rendering it useless leaving snowshoes as the only transportation through the snow?

It's only 6 inches and from what I can see watching out my window, it's 6 inches of powder.

Ok, as I've written this I think I have figured out the situation. The snowshoes were a Christmas present and when the man said he wanted to go for a walk (to get away from his nagging wife) she...nagged...him about wearing his new snowshoes if he was going out in the snow.

January 11th, 2005
Leadership is doing what is right when no one is watching.
- George Van Valkenburg