NFL Week 8.

November 2nd, 2004

So here it is. Week 8 has come and gone. What a boring week of football this was on all accounts. There were no huge performances, few...if any...outstanding plays, and no major injuries.

It has been decided that the team goal for the Atlanta Falcons for the 2005-2006 season will be to do whatever it takes to get Michael Vick to play hard for 16 games. It was nice to see one of the few games this year he decided to show up was in week 8, a week in need of highlights. He played his own brand of football. He was a runner possessed against the Broncos on Sunday.

Ding dong the witch is dead. 21 and out for the Pats. What a pathetic record. Who can't win 22 straight? I mean honestly.

I had a few hours worth of memories of Bobby Ross and Marty Morhninweg while watching the Lions perform below expectations versus a struggling Cowboys team. If only I could draw I would include the image in my head of the Lions team limbo-ing under the words "peter's expectations" one player at a time. How low can you go?

The strength of the Minnesota Vikings from day 1 was the fact that Culpepper is able to throw to 8-9 different receivers in any given game. If one is covered then there are many other players willing to step up and make the big play. The Vikings were a team that could win even without Randy Moss. That is, until Moss hurt his hamstring and missed the last two weeks. This team has fallen apart. The most dominating player in the league through 6 weeks (5 if you consider the bye week) was Daunte Culpepper. In the two games without Moss he has been a non-factor. Onterrio Smith is to return from his 4 game suspension in week 9, perhaps he can offer some renewed energy to this team.

And who is in charge of scheduling the primetime games? Do they pick teams out of a hat? Sunday night and Monday night games have been less than entertaining. Please excuse me if I was mistaken in thinking they are given the national spotlight in these time slots so as to attract an audience. 49ers/Bears and Jets/Dolphins this week. Who on earth cares to watch these games? I would wager even the coaches of these teams were too bored to want to even stand on their own sidelines...ok, maybe that is a little extreme.

Thoroughly Modern Millie

October 31st, 2004

Thoroughly Modern MillieThe first show of this new season at the Fisher Theatre/Masonic Temple in Detroit was Thoroughly Modern Millie.

The music was great. The choreography was better. The voices were decent overall, though I felt as though the lead was a little thin.

This was a fun show; I am glad I went. I love seeing plays/musicals, but Millie was not my favorite. I just think the story was not as strong as some of the other shows I have enjoyed more.

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The Away Message.

October 29th, 2004

AIMWhat is it about the "away message" that is tantalizing to so many people? What secrets does one keep there? Might the mysteries of the ages unfold in front of you for reading them? What would happen if one day you missed one? Could you ever forgive yourself?

Either you or someone you know has been known to spend significant amounts of time reading away message after away message. Often times the screen names you check are people you don't even talk to! All I want to know is why?

I can admit that from time to time even I have reduced myself to seeing why my friends were not at their computers to entertain me through my fits of boredom, though I do not make practice of it.

Have you ever sat down at someone else's computer and checked their friends' away messages? These people exist, I have witnessed it. You know who you are. You are sick.

Do you have "buddies" on your list and you're not quite sure as to who they are? But you won't delete them because you read their away messages?

Do you have "buddies" you have not talked to nor seen in years though you will not delete because you read their away messages?

Do you have "buddies" on your list that were placed there by a friend? Why won't you delete them? Oh, read their away messages, how could I forget?

No conversation should ever begin, "Hey, did you see my away message today?" Yes, this is an entirely plausible scenario under the correct circumstances, though it does encourage the act of actively seeking out away messages.

If you are legitimately concerned about the location of an individual, by all means, check the away message. If you do happen to attempt to leave a message for someone while they are "away" and get the message as an auto-reply, by all means, read it. We need to loosen AIM's grip on your attention span. You need a hobby...and don't say that reading people's away messages is a HOBBY!!!

Yes I am bitter. Yes I have put significant time and thought into this matter. No, there is not a good reason for me to harbor such feelings towards this issue. I'm glad we were able to clear that up.

NFL Week 7.

October 27th, 2004

O Daunte Where Art Thou?

Was it out of spite that Daunte Culpepper took this week off? Could he have possibly known that I renamed my fantasy team The DaunteCulpeppers in his honor? Vikes won easily so there was not much production out of Culpepper.

Kansas City set all kinds of records with Holmes and Blaylock rushing for four (4) touchdowns each. Yes, each. That means that the Chiefs ran for eight (8) touchdowns in the game! Had Holmes' ankle not been slightly tender, maybe all 8 would have been his... Needless to say they annihilated the Atlanta Falcons.

Maybe that wasn't the Atlanta Falcons after all, however. How else do you explain a team that started out so hot and has gone ice cold since? Was the dominating defeat they suffered at the hands of the now 3-0 on the road Detroit Lions that devastating? Or is this what I like to call the "Villanova Syndrome?" (Allow me to explain: the Villanova Syndrome is a situation in which the Villanova men's basketball team would beat a team and shock the country. The team they "upset" would then have a less than .500 remainder of the season, thus completely devaluing the Villanova win.) The Detroit Lions beat a Falcons team that was to that point undefeated and is now apparently unable to win even an intrasquad scrimmage. I hope Atlanta is able to pick up the pieces some.

The Jacksonville Jaguars do not have any flashy superstar players, they do not blow other teams out of the stadium, what they do is win games. This team digs deep and comes out with victories. Week in and week out the Jags go down to the wire. I am not sure a team has shown this much heart in a long time.

Congratulations to the Miami Dolphins for saving what appeared to be an 0-16 season with a win in week 7 over the St. Lous Rams.

(My fantasy team is once again named "Privatjokr," Culpepper can go back to throwing 6 tds...I'll need it in week 8.)

J.W. Marriott Resort Desert Ridge - Phoenix, AZ

October 25th, 2004


J.W. Marriott Resort Desert Ridge

This is a great place to stay in Phoenix. The resort itself is huge, it is more of a compound. The setting is magnificent: as you sit at a table in the back you overlook the resort's aqueduct (for lack of a better term) with a backdrop of palm trees and mountains. Although I was not there with a second to relax, I can imagine that given the opportunity to do so there are few places better. An incredible pool, a golf course designed by Nick Faldo, 900 rooms, a desert setting, multiple restaurants of different genres; what does this place lack?

My only recommendation, however, is to rent a car if you stay in Phoenix. The onsite restaurants are nice and the food is good, but there are others in the area I would recommend more, such as the Old Town Tortilla Factory in Old Town Scotsdale.

On a Thursday evening shoot down to Old Town Scottsdale and enjoy the art walk exhibit as the strip of art galleries are open extended hours and some have artists in store to talk, work, and answer questions.

Click HERE to visit the Official site for the J.W. Marriott Resort Desert Ridge.

NFL Week 6.

October 19th, 2004

There is not very much worth noting about week 6, however I will do my best.

Permit me to start with the Bills v. Dolphins showdown Sunday. This was a matchup of two undefeated teams to see if there was an actual way two teams playing each other could both lose. As it turns out, this is not possible and the Bills had to win. Can I interject that the screen pass the Jay Fiedler intended for someone other than Takeo Spikes may have been the worst pass I have EVER seen thrown, and that is at any level of play.

Ben Roethlisberger appears to be the real deal in Pittsburgh. I have loved this kid since his days at Miami of Ohio. He has the talent and he has a level head on his shoulders. Sure he was handed a team that is pretty capable on their own, but I still give him the benefit of the doubt. The test will come soon when they are scheduled to play against teams that actually pose a threat. I would like to see him thrive in Pittsburgh, but maybe that depends on how much he has come to like IC Light...

I have officially renamed my fantasy football team to "The DaunteCulpeppers." He continues to be the reason I win games. Sunday night he set an NFL record for three (3) games with five (5) touchdown passes. He still cannot dance, though. And he keeps on trying...

Welcome back Lions. My boys in Honolulu Blue brought my feet back to the ground. I was all nostalgic watching that game. Why I actually watched the whole thing I cannot say.

I would like to finish this week with a small rant about a growing trend in the NFL. Please put and end to the increasing popularity of the halfback pass. Emmitt Smith threw a touchdown in a previous week and now every RB in the league thinks he's Joe Montana. I will opt against bringing up the td pass Ahman Green threw to Donald Driver Sunday. Even Mewelde Moore of the Minnesota Vikings is throwing passes now. When the season began was he even on this roster? Fourth string RB? But come on, why when you have the most potent passing attack in the league as you rest on the shoulders of Culpepper do you feel the need to let Moore throw the ball? I think Mike Tice is a great coach, this is the first point on which he and I have disagreed.

Chicago, Ill.

October 18th, 2004

Chicago is arguably my favorite big city. It was hands down my favorite until I lived in Philadelphia for even just the short time I was there. For a few days last week I was back in my element. There is nothing like being able to walk freely through the downtown area of a big city. Chicago is a city where you can go time after time and never be forced to do anything twice. Each day I was there, I walked for at least a mile. From the central location of the Hyatt Regency of Chicago I walked up and down Michigan Avenue and down by the water. If shopping is your thing, then Michigan Ave. is for you. There are bars and restaurants all over the city, many chains, though more that are unique to the area. Chicago has a tremendous amount of character and caters to visitors of any interest. The weather was not ideal, though decent enough in which to walk and enjoy the city. The architecture of the old buildings is breathtaking and the contrast of the color changing leaves was beautiful. And on top of all of this, how can you not love a city that is so clean? There were not even many cigarette butts on the streets. You cannot beat Chicago.

"I seek you", ICQ!

October 12th, 2004

ICQWhatever happened to the good old days when people you knew were still on ICQ? For whatever reason, I have never adopted the heartwarming feelings for AIM that I have for ICQ. ICQ set the standard for stand alone chat clients and gets no recognition for it. The problem is that so many people subscribed to AOL and then ported their screnname(s) to AIM that ICQ just got crowded out. It was never about AIM bring a better chat client, it was simply the one that the most people used, therefore the one that is now synonymous with real time online chat. I long for days gone by when people I new still used ICQ and I could hear "Uh oh" when I had messages or those got awful typewriter sounds as I typed my replies.

I do not even know if ICQ v. 4 (current version) is anything like it was, or if it has been commercialized by parent company AOL. I would hope that they have been able to maintain the quality as their functionality was bought and mimicked in AIM.

I'm looking for friends on ICQ so I have a reason to put down the AIM!

NFL week 5.

October 12th, 2004

This week's post...unfortunately...needs to start with mention of the New England Patriots setting the NFL record with 19 straight victories. Now, this is a HUGE accomplishment, but I am not sure getting the record breaking victory over a team most high school junior varsities could at least compete with is much of an acheivement. That is not meant to detract from the record itself which does include many impressive victories...including a Super Bowl. And at 19 in a row they show no signs of ending the streak. One thing that I can say about only this team is that no matter who they are playing, no matter who is on the field, beware of the big play. Tom Brady has so much time to throw the ball and does so with such precision that a deep ball is never out of the realm of possibility. I am not a Patriots fan, but there is no denying they are impressive.

There were some big wins for struggling franchises this week. 49ers and Bucs gutting out a pair of games that I'm sure showed a glimmer of hope to...someone.

A big congratulations to the Detroit Lions for not only ending their NFL record road losing streak this year, but even turning it into a 2 game road winning streak. They looked impressive against the then undefeated Atlanta Falcons. With your two star receivers nursing injuries from the sidelines, do you have enough in the tank to top the 1-4 Packers come Sunday afternoon?

The Houston Texans, though not beating every team they play, are shaping up to be the real deal. David Carr certainly has matured into his starting role and is leading his team to be a force in this league. It will be exciting to see what they can accomplish. I will root for the Texans (though never over the Lions).

NFL Week 4.

October 8th, 2004

I don't care what you say, I'm switching gears this week. We're now in the "who cares about the offense" mode. Some of the most exciting players in the league are on the other side of the ball and no one ever talks about these guys. Fantasy sports have blown up in the past few years and are still becoming increasingly popular (and profitable). It is due to this that people are now concerned so predominantly with the players that fill their positions in the league. It's nice to see that some leagues have adopted the draft of individual defensive players and not the defense as a whole, but it is not enough. I will right the universal imbalance today by making my week 5 post as a tribute to the defense. You're welcome.

The best highlights for me are the big hits. Sure the tough grabs are nice, but there is something to be said for a linebacker filling a hole or a safety coming on a blitz and blindsiding a quarterback. No, I am not a violent person, so knock that off...

Adam Archaletta and Aeneas Williams make for a crazy defensive backfield in St. Louis. If you've ever seen the workout program that Archaletta uses, you see why he's nuts...despite looking like he's 14. Williams is one of the best the game has seen and continues to defy his age.

Champ Bailey, I think, has sufficiently proven that he was the headliner in the trade with Denver. He has great field presence and flies around the field. Not often will you see a player smart enough to attack Mike Alstott's legs and steer far clear of those shoulder pads. John Lynch offers plenty of help to Bailey as well and is one of the best hitters in the league.

While on the subject of the Tampa Bay Bucceneers, Derrick Brooks has remained a staple in a defense that has to hold together a fallen program. Simeon Rice is one of the most exciting defensive lineman and fills out yet another lineman/linebacker duo.

I'll throw another out there, also: Zach Thomas and his brother in law Jason Taylor. Thomas is extremely undersized and yet is still a force which opponents avoid. Taylor brings life and excitement to a city where if it doesn't come from the defense, it's not coming.

The entire Eagles defense is a force to be reckoned with. If only Jevon Kearse was healthy his entire career (though he arguably wouldn't be in Philly if that were the case)...this guy can play. Sure, they don't call him "the freak" for nothin'.

Ok, fine, I won't leave Ray Lewis out of this post. How could I? Well, I would have done it just to be difficult, but I'll find another way. How about when I throw this out there: put this guy in at fullback! I know this is a defensive post (*rant), but who would be a better lead blocker than this guy. Maybe even hand him the ball on a play or two. He knows how to hit the holes, he does it on the other side of the ball. We all know he can hit. I guess we'll see if that ever comes to fruition, but for now it seems we will have to settle for him as simply the quintessential defensive player.

No this is not a complete list of the defensive players worth watching in the league. Yes there are plenty more. No, with Dre Bly hurt, none of them are Lions.

Some actual recap of the week, Emmitt Smith threw a touchdown. Hell has frozen over. Injuries continue to plague the league, things could get interesting as we see backup QB v. backup QB in the Super Bowl. Onterrio Smith is finally suspended (4 games) for substance abuse. Brett Favre got hurt, but is ok to play, and Clinton Portis owes me a 35 point week in week 5.