Gilette M3 Power

August 22nd, 2004


So I've been seeing commercials for this new razor from Gilette for awhile now. I have to admit I've been skeptical as I did not understand the concept. Who needs a non-electric razor....with a battery?

M3 Power

Seems silly to me. Basically you push a button on a mach 3 razor and it begins to vibrate. When I realized this, I thought there was absolutely no way that this thing would not slice my face in any less than one million places.

While shopping yesterday with my parents, we happened upon the m3 power. My dad says, "Why not? We'll both get one." Since he was buying, who was I to argue?

I tried my m3 power for the first time this morning. This thing is amazing. This is the closest shave I've gotten in at least a long time, if not ever. Great shave and no cuts. This was a fantastic pick up. I found myself a new razor.

Turns out a non-electric razor...with a battery, is one hell of a great idea.

Poor customer service linked to furniture industry? (rant)

August 20th, 2004

I've been dealing with a furniture store here in MI with which I have not been too happy. They have very nice furniture, however, they run a poor business. (I wasn't going to do this, but you have a right to know...Klingman's Furniture)
Issues began over the stuff I ordered to presto-changeo my spare bedroom into my computer haven, errr...."home office."

As I was at work, my mom volunteered to hang out at my place and wait for the desks to be delivered. The company gave her the three (3) hour window of 11am-2pm for delivery. I was also leaving right from work that afternoon to head out of town, which bummed me out as I would not get to hustle home and see my new stuff before heading out. Turns out it didn't much matter as the delivery was not made until 7pm. If that is not enough, the two gentlemen who were delivering were (I am told) "scrawny" and unable to lift the furniture over the railing in my front steps so they had to come in through my garage and up my narrow back stairs. I feel the need to point out that it's a narrow back staircase as they took a chunk of drywall with them as a souvenir whilst maneuvering upstairs.

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American Dad

August 19th, 2004

New show from the collaboration of Fox and the Creators of The Family Guy: American Dad.

This show and the new episodes of The Family Guy are set to begin airing in 2005. I would like to think it is expected in earlier 2005 as opposed to later.

Stan Smith, CIA

Seth MacFarlane, creator of The Family Guy will be the voice of Stan.

I'm pretty excited for this show, no surprise there. I am most looking forward to Klaus who is their lascivious, German-speaking goldfish – the result of a CIA experiment gone seriously wrong – who has an unhealthy crush on Francine (Stan's wife).

From what I can gather Klaus is Quagmire, Stan is a Peter/Joe cross. Steve, Stan's son is a Stewie/Chris hybrid. Roger, the alien Stan saved from Area 51 is apparently a Brian mirror. The two women, Francine and Hayley (daughter) seem to also mimic the Lois and Meg from the Family Guy.

I don't care what you do. Put Peter, Brian, Lois, Chris, Meg and Stewie on the screen and give them different names and I won't consider that a rip off. These guys are gold. I just hope they don't water it down now that it is back on Fox so as to not get cancelled...

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Fox wisens up

August 18th, 2004

What is the one and only way that Fox can compete with the Olympics?

Family Guy.

Sure the show was cancelled a few years ago, but since it's become the highest grossing tv show released on DVD creator Seth MacFarlane has signed on for new episodes. Maybe this was the kick Fox needed to realize they were sitting on a goldmine. Yes the show is a little offensive. No, it's not politically correct. Yes this show is funnier than anything else on tv.

Head to head between The Simpsons and The Family Guy?
I feel as though I have to give this one to the Simpsons, simply because the show has been on for what? 14 seasons now? Pound for pound which show is funnier from one episode to the next? The Family Guy wins that one.

Now I own both DVD sets of the Family Guy so why not watch the Olympics?
Cuz I don't want to. Family Guy is on.

Olympic Men's Basketball

August 18th, 2004

I have not seen them play. I've never had an opportunity this far to see a game to my knowledge. Though, I am not sure if I did have the chance to watch that I would. I may in my own little way be boycotting this team. I actually told Doug yesterday that I hope we win every gold medal for which we compete as Americans with the exception of men's basketball. I think I would rather see them go home empty handed. Not just no gold. No medals period. In my world: Melo > Bron Bron, but he dropped significantly in my books when he guaranteed the gold. If there had been any other willing players in the league, they should have kicked him off the team on the spot for such a comment. He does, however, speak for his team. That is unfortunate. That is the attitude of this olympic squad. They are a bunch of pansies who are so set in the ways of the NBA they cannot step outside the mold into international play and compete. They rely too strongly on their physical ability and completely ignore any inclination to think. They are very capable, very capable. They are also babies.

What horrible names can I call these athletes who are too good to stay in Olympic Village? Tell me that Duane Wade makes more money than Andy Roddick. Tell me Richard Jefferson's sponsorships are more than Michael Phelps'. Why does this team need to walk into Olympic Stadium apart from the rest of it's country's representatives? Who are they? What gives them the right? You know what, stop talking. Play. Win games. Win a medal. Then and only then will you earn any of my respect, though never will I accept justification for their staying on naval ships or whatever off the coast of Greece.

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Thank You!

August 18th, 2004

I want to officially thank everyone that was around last weekend for my trip to Philly.

As I have told some of you before, there is not a day that goes by that I don't wish I still lived out there. Sure things are going well here: job is great, bought my own place, new friends are fantastic people. To me, however, there is something to be said for living in a city. I love to walk. It is my preferred method of transportation. Living in Philadelphia I had the option to walk anywhere I needed to go. Philly was also mine. Home is not mine. Home I share with my entire family, Philly was only me. I could stretch my wings a little bit out there, it was nice.

Sorry, I digress. Despite only one trip to Pat's, I had a great time. Pleasant surprises were the news of how many people were actually coming into town Friday night. Going to the Bew Pub is never my first choice for the hot spot, but I did get over it this time.

I did take a few pictures, though only of the museum, water works, and one or two of boathouse row. They will hopefully be up this week. No, I'm not that busy. Yes, I am that lazy. Don't push your luck.

Get this party started.

August 17th, 2004

It is time for my blogging to begin. I have been waiting too long for this. This is now my second install of b2evolution at The first one was a few months ago that I never used because I was waiting to customize the css to make the rest of seamless. That, obviously, never happened. To force my own hand now, I have decided to simply start using the blog and convince myself that I have to customize the css or I have to deal with a page that looks a way with which I am not comfortable.

The blog will be for many things. I want to be able to simply put down on virtual paper all of the little nuggets of wisdom that pass between my ears at any given moment as well as provide you all with reviews (movies, books, music, video games, hardware) to which you can relate.

I will be linking the majority of my blog posts to the message board ( for increased discussion.

I hope this page becomes a useful tool for you as well as fun for me.

Come back soon!