Category: "Bad Commercials"

Chevy - "I'm a big girl" commercial

January 26th, 2009

Have you seen the commercial where a red-headed girl and Howie Long discuss the size of rear, middle seats in a competitor's car vs. a Chevy car? He refers to her as a "little girl" and she counters that she is a "big girl" and the commercial quickly spirals toward annoying. He continues to call her a little girl and she continues to correct him. She comments on something about how obvious it is that Chevy rules and then he is glad that even a child gets it. He says is that she is a "smart little girl," she nods like the bobble-head doll on your dashboard as you drive down a jagged mountainside, and the commercial ends.

This commercial bothers me for the point she tries to hammer home but he just doesn't listen. He should really have conceded the "big girl" point for that last line. It really bugs me. Is it Chevy that was ignoring this little girl? or just Howie? I think it sends a better feel-good message for Chevy had he said that she was a smart, big girl as he smiled into the camera. Then her enthusiastic agreement makes more sense.