Category: "Simple Pleasures"

The Produce Hydration System

April 2nd, 2009

One of my absolute favorite things is the sprinkler system at my local Kroger that keeps the vegetables fresh. Every market that sells fresh produce will try to keep it moist to prolong its shelflife, but Kroger goes above and beyond the call of duty. Right before the spray turns on, there is a low rumble of recorded thunder to announce the coming storm showers. I LOVE IT!

I'm like a kid, giddy with excitement. Everytime. Without fail.

Ink Pen

October 5th, 2007

"May I borrow your ink pen?"

I wish I knew the best place to go and over hear these polite requests. I would probably prefer to call it "peoplelistening" since it is just observation like peoplewatching, but more innocent than eavesdropping.

It seems to be people from the south, and it isn't even all people from the south, though I wish it were every one of them -- I would pack up my things and leave the Mason-Dixon Line in my wake as I migrated south forever.

I am not sure you actually need to specify that it is their ink pen you wish to borrow, but boy am I glad you do.

Beautiful Day Nostalgia

May 8th, 2006

I do not have many thoughts that begin, "Man, I wish I was back in high school/college," so they stand out. Today it is a beautiful sunny day in the low 70 degrees. I wish that, like I was able to do in high school and college, I could talk my boss into holding class outside. You were not going to pay attention in class anyway, so at least you should be able to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather, right? Those were the days...

Unfortunately those days are past. Here are the days where my responsibilities keep me sitting at my desk in my office that has no windows.

Alternative cooling.

July 21st, 2005

I am seriously considering the addition of a ceiling fan to my bedroom. I had flirted with the idea when moving in; the determination then was that the ceiling was low. Ok, I apparently was looking at some other ceiling. Unless I am jumping up and down on my bed (I can't even stand straight up on my bed) it may be too low. Guess what...I lay on my bed. Maybe sit up if I'm reading or having a last minute IM-athon prior to catching the late train to slumber land.

Ceiling fans are great. They are a (relatively) quiet way to keep yourself cool on a warm day/night. Directly over my bed, a ceiling fan will serve two purposes (purpii?). The first purpose is that it will keep me cool at night. Having my a/c off during the day means I have to be home long enough before bed that my place can cool down. This is not always as easy as it sounds. Secondly, the fan would be just loud enough to provide some "white noise". I require some gentle, constant noise to relax my mind enough to sleep.

If I have guests sleeping on my couch/floor/popcorn machine I will not necessarily have to freeze them out by keeping my temperature at 65 degrees. I can warm up the thermostat to keep them comfortable and still be cool enough for me to sleep.

Looking at it written out now as I am, it seems silly not to get one.