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Bring on the sexy stews.

October 24th, 2005

You sit in your assigned seat, tray table locked and seat back in its upright position, as the plane taxis to the runway. You have pulled away from the gate only moments before; the trip before take-off is not a long one.

The captain or some assemblence of the cockpit lackey, allowed to tag along for the sole purpose of making those wonderful announcements, comes over the broadcast system and gives instruction.

"Flight attendants please prepare for take off."

They have just made sure we were all on board, seated, etc... They have closed the boarding door, all cellular phones have been turned off, and as mentioned above, we are not taxiing to the runway to take our position in line to take off.

So my question is this, What on Earth are these flight attendants doing if they're not already preparing to take off? Why does this clown have to come on and tell them to do it? Could one or maybe many flight attendants just forget to prepare for take off?

"Hmmm, I know I should be doing something right now, but I can't seem to remember what it is. I am sure I unplugged the iron before I left, that's not it. The dry cleaning won't be ready until Wednesday, so that's not it either. Did I forget to write the great American novel?
*Flight attendants please prepare for take off.*
"That's it. Silly me. I was way off."

Who are these morons who take care of us as we roam the friendly skies yet they can't keep it straight that before we take off that they are supposed to "prepare" for it?

I want to know...