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Comment from: Pozzi [Visitor]

I had this same exact thing happen to me in high school. Only difference was there was a crunching sound as a portion of my tooth more or less crumbled. I had a square looking chip fall off my front tooth on the side adjacent to my other front tooth. I remember it was sharp when I passed my tongue over it, enough so that I could have cut my tongue on it. The next time I went to the dentist, he was able to put some piece of enamel where the chip was, shape it and dry it with some UV gun. Now you can’t tell the difference, and I suggest you ask your dentist to likewise patch up the chip. Insurance will cover it.

05/23/06 @ 11:22
Comment from: Alicia [Visitor]

Yeah, i chipped one of my front teeth too, but i wasn’t eating. I was jumping over some strange contraption at the gym. Yes, i could’ve walked around it….No, i wasn’t trying to impress anybody, i just wanted to jump.
And yeah, the dentist also fixed it for me.
I wonder how many people walk around with broken front teeth fixed by dentists…

05/23/06 @ 17:01

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