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Comment from: Blockum [Visitor]

It’s definitely the conceited view (if you HAVE to spin such a comment) along the lines of “If you’re not with me, good luck trying to have a good weekend…but you’ll probably fail miserably.

Of course you could also consider the “If I don’t see” to mean “If I don’t see you walking out the door on Friday at 4:59pm so that the last thing you hear while at work is my ‘Have a good weekend’ comment.”

06/15/06 @ 11:43
Comment from: Moyer [Visitor]

Whenever I use such a phrase, I intend it to mean, “If I don’t see you before the weekend begins, I would like to let you know that I wish for you to enjoy your weekend.”

But that’s cool that you blew it way out of proportion too.

06/15/06 @ 16:28

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