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Comment from: Jedi Master Daryl [Visitor]  
Jedi Master Daryl

Wow! Hello blogger whom I know nothing about! I just googled coupon cash value and got a post of yours that was both funny and awesome. Then I refreshed your blog and read the recent one about Wendy’s.

I like your style of comedy. You rock. So, I have to put you on my blogroll. Unfortunately, I probably won’t read your blog or update mine very often because I don’t have internet right now and am reduced to using my mom’s computer or the library. But I like to have you on there so I can occaisonlly read.

But who are you? I didn’t see much info about you. Oh, I understand if you like to be private. The name I use on my blog is obviously fake, and that is learned from the past of being burned by girlfriend’s stalking ex-boyfriends and because I work in healthcare. But feel free to email me. I like meeting new bloggers. Especially funny ones!

01/19/09 @ 07:53

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