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Comment from: alison [Visitor]

best entry yet, hilarious

05/28/05 @ 19:14
Comment from: troubled in tuscaloosa [Visitor]
troubled in tuscaloosa

what is more troubling:
-the poodles?
-your obsessing over the poodles?

05/30/05 @ 16:19
Comment from: Lauren [Visitor]  

Why do you have so much against the poodle????? What if I said I wanted one??? What would you do? Hate me for it???? I think what you said is untrue and mean to the people that love their poodles. And they do not have a reputation for being mean!

07/18/07 @ 14:24
Comment from: [Member]

Generally speaking I like dogs like I like boats. I don’t want one myself, but I like to know people who have them. This particular breed is a clear exception. If you got one, would I hate you? No. But, I would totally judge your for it!

There are a lot of ugly dogs. Poodles are the scapedog for all ugly dogs. Just one (cat-loving) man’s opinion.

07/19/07 @ 10:33
Comment from: Amanda [Visitor]  

I think you are a very lonely man i have both a standard poodle and a mini foxy plus i have a cat… I think what your saying is bulls**t!!! and you need to grow up a little its a bit sad really while you like your life with nothing in it people that choose to have dogs and cats whether it be a poodle or not is beside the point you can’t judge people on the type of dogs they have really . You know you don’t get it cause you have a little cold side to you. are you going to hate people with curly hair and judge them on that. come on i would like to see a picture of yourself maybe people think your ugly!

08/02/07 @ 22:23
Comment from: [Member]

I love it. That was probably the best possible comment I could have ever asked for to this post. Thank you.

08/03/07 @ 07:37
Comment from: Mick [Visitor]  

Weak man, very weak.

08/04/07 @ 17:53
Comment from: Michelle [Visitor]  

Okay, all I can say is that you REALLY need to get a life. I have a standard and miniature poodle, and they are both kept in retriever clips. Since your truly uneducated on this subject, I will tell you that a retriever clip is a short and easily maintainable clip that leaves a short layer of hair all over the dogs body, including the ears. There’s nothing ugly about it…it looks like a curly coated retriever, but you wouldn’t know what that looks like.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, standard poodles are frequently used as service dogs that help people with disabilities. They are extremely intelligent dogs, second only to the border collie.

Both of my dogs are therapy dogs; this means they visit sick children who are suffering from illness, and sometimes these kids are dying. I take pride that my “ugly dogs” bring joy and hapinness to those who are facing life’s worst moments.

What this all comes down to is that you are truly an uneducated and depressed individual. Maybe I could bring by my “ugly dogs;” they might just bring some joy into your sheltered life.

Have a great day!

11/23/07 @ 17:17
Comment from: btm [Visitor]  

I didn’t want a poodle for the life of me. But I wanted a large, non shedding dog that was good with kids. About all I could come up with was a standard poodle. Darn smart dog. Taught him 43 commands and knows about 40 of them well. They aren’t sissies like I thought. Mine plays with Rots, a german shepard, a great dane, and several labs and my poodle has been the alpha dog every time. He plays well with dogs, but always comes up as the top dog. Couldn’t ask for a better dog. My favorite dog before this one was always a german shepard.

11/25/07 @ 18:42
Comment from: Brutus [Visitor]  

What is the matter with you? Are you Gay? Or did your mother just not like you. I am sure that a Poodle is a lot smarter than you are. At one time they were a hunt breed. I guess you knew that didn’t you. They are a water retriver that means they have web feet. They are about as smart as three year old child. I’m sure smarter than you…

12/04/07 @ 15:48
Comment from: Brown [Visitor]  

It’s ironic that some people are getting *so* offended by this post that they are telling Pj to get a life. Relax, people!

You’ve got to admit - it’s a bit difficult to take a poodle seriously with that poofy coat, and even more so with a ridiculous haircut!

12/05/07 @ 09:15
Comment from: Claudia [Visitor]  

I think that you are very imature and you should get a life. Poodels are great pets a have two and my 2 year old daughter loves them. I they are my fivoret breed of dogs.

What did they ever do to you and i wish that one day get attack by one so they give you a good reason to talk smak about them. But you might not cause they are very friendly dogs. Grab a book and read aboout them and maybe youll learn something.

02/14/08 @ 00:15
Comment from: inkognito [Visitor]  

You are a sick cold hearted man. Poodels are much smarter and cuter than you are. Relax. I think life is mean to you, that’s why you are mean too.

02/27/08 @ 15:30
Comment from: cupcake [Visitor]  

All of you people need to chill out. Seriously, to each his own. I am pretty sure you all are just proving his point about poodle owners too. After reading all the comments,I am beginning to think most of you are raging nutters. This is insanely ridiculous.

02/29/08 @ 17:24
Comment from: kristen [Visitor]  

yall are crazy if you think poodles arent cute they are a very smart breed and i love them

03/14/08 @ 12:25
Comment from: kristen [Visitor]  

I agree.each to their own.

I understand people disliking the showclips- which arent exactly historically correct but are exaggerated versions of the clips that allowed the dog to keep it’s joints and important organs warm and at the same time allowed for the dog to do it’s job (retriever) without being dragged down by the weight of it’s hair.

They began as a dog who had a job do to and originally had no stereotype attached to them - such as being ’sissy’ ‘nasty’ or just plain pests that belonged to snobs and so on!

I really think that the idiot owners of these dogs gave them the bad name. The ones who were uneducated in training them - that taught them bad habbits and instead of training them out of it - only reinforced it with positive attention to distract the dog - and possibly at the same time making baby noises and talk at it.blah.

I have a toy poodle. named her benzin.(like,the rammstein song,like petrol..) she’s been pink and clipped in the fluffiest lion clip imaginable,hilarious. difficult to maintain. I keep her in a short clip most of the time.She is a friendly dog,loves children and other dogs, our cat and her are best friends.My mother fusses over her and doesntknow how to say NO to her. THIS IS BAD-THIS MAKES BAD POODLE!! This has lead to my dog loving my mother noticably more so than myself.

The downside to owning a poodle for me is the ears- long floppy ears that block air flow and cause infections. She suffers from malasesia.annoying.many vet trips,many bills.

She is a good dog, learns extremely fast and is soon to be a therapy dog visiting the sick and the elderly.

-and she doesnt always look ‘over the top’ like the pictures above:) sometimes she looks quite scruffy! a lovable companion.

i also don’t think people should get so angry on here! lots of people share this opinion - just be greatful they do and they don’t want one- that they wouldnt buy one on impulse from a petstore or something just as irresponsible. Be glad that people like the person who has posted this are openly saying that would never own a poodle, not that they would own one and not give a crap about it’s needs.i am rambling i know.. puppy farms and petstores have been on my mind.
this will show you why,i guess.

blah blah blah

point is:
lots of people don’t like certain breeds and the poodle is popular enough as it is.let people not want to own them - perhaps less of them will end up being deliberately cross bred for profit if more people hate them! perhaps people will try to stop breeding dogs with poor quality genetics? or using them as a money making scheme that ends in heartache for shelter owners and the poor dogs themselves.we’re overstocked with companion animals.lets just enjoy ours and educate ourselves on their needs and the fact that there are too many people out there trying to make a quick buck out of them.-eh im going to use my energy to help stop the crap that is going on in the ‘pet industry’ anway.


03/24/08 @ 13:27
Comment from: cas [Visitor]  

I have a standard poodle and he ROCKS! He is very smart, charming and totally laid back. SInce you don’t have one or know one I think your comments are racist! What exactly are you basing your stupid opinion on? Anyway, until you actually have a bad experience with a poodle you should shut it. Talk about your god damned food some more!

03/29/08 @ 10:54
Comment from: Raych [Visitor]

I think you are wrong. i shared a house with 14 girls whilst at school and one of the matrons had a poodle. she was fab! loved us kids! they’re clever dogs too and i’m really not sure where you got the opinion “poodles are mean” from, they really aren’t. they’re quick witted, loving clowns! completely adorable dogs. i’ve just bought a poodle and i love him to death already.

06/15/08 @ 08:38
Comment from: Destiny [Visitor]

I think it just the same for me to walk up to you and say that your are ugly.
But right now, you being an idiot is a fact.

06/30/08 @ 15:46
Comment from: bdizzle [Visitor]  

wow….this entry is totally untrue. One poodles don’t even shed so it’s fairly an easy dog to maintain for any family. Especially for non-dog owners like yourself. Second: the pictures of poodles that you posted have owners that like their poodles to look like that. So hate on them. Third: their the smartest mutha fuckas out there.

Your entry is so biased and retardedly ridiculous. Try having some experience first before saying your “opinions.”

07/08/08 @ 19:52
Comment from: Mrs. C [Visitor]  
Mrs. C

“bdizzle"? Now I have a mental image of a skinny white boy with pimples all over his face. Sorry, but that name is just too funny.

Anyway - many of these posts have just proven how ridiculous the vast majority of poodle owners tend to be. Not all, and I “suppose” some poodles end up with intelligent people who use them for service dogs, etc., (where the dogs actually make the grade. Not all poodles are suited for it - many are too hyper and not all of them possess a brain.) the breed has been harmed by vapid mooks who dye their hair and/or shape them into the most ridiculous, unnatural cuts. These are the same utter morons who speak baby talk and coddle them as though they were babies.

Personally I *AM* a dog person, and I know a great deal about different breeds. That said, I would never own a poodle. I don’t like the look of them, and I don’t like their temperament. Also, I find the overbred “toy” versions a joke, and a waste of time and space.

I’ve been known to say that poodles are dog-wannabes. Sorry folks, it’s my opinion.

I think the post was funny, and rings true, regardless of what consternation it caused poodle-lovers.

Of course it’s biased. It’s an opinion folks.

07/27/08 @ 09:24
Comment from: Regina [Visitor]  

I found this blog while looking for a poodle hair cut I could tollerate on my poodle.

I think your comments are hillarious and I don’t see why poodle owner and/or non-poodle owners are getting so offended by it. It’s just an opinion.

I never liked poodles, I thought the same way about them. I thought they were ugly and I hated the way their hair was cut…since, I met my girlfriend who owned a poodle and is now very much a part of my life…I love them. They are very sweet, very intelligent, very gentle and very well behaved dogs.

I now unbelievably and much to my utter amazement find them to be quite adorable, hair cuts included. I dont think anyone just automatically finds them cute…maybe, but how? I’m not sure. But, it is an aquired taste and once you aquire it…you become addicted.

Great blog by the way.

08/04/08 @ 11:41
Comment from: Maria [Visitor]

Wow! You must be very ugly yourself!

08/04/08 @ 18:48
Comment from: tania [Visitor]

that is hilarious!!! i mean i love ll dogs but i have to say people do crazy things with their poodles, but i do have to disagree and say that some poodles are adorible!! especially when they are left to grow and be natural!
anyways good job and i totally agree that people should not go crazy over their dogs..

08/16/08 @ 21:39
Comment from: A poodles mom! [Visitor]  
A poodles mom!

I just wanted to say that being the owner of a poodle has been the most rewarding part of my life. My dog “willy” is my child with fur. Yes he is a poodle, but I don’t obsees about his hair much. I have his hair cut about 4 times a year. He is the smartes dog I have ever had the privalege of owning. It literally takes me one night to teach him a new trick! Anyway, I wanted to address the statement about Poodles being mean. They can be… as can any dog who isn’t raised properly. But poodles are very loyal and loving too. Poodles can be one of the feircest dogs on the planet ( i have seen one take down a pitbull) and the reason for this is that these dogs were originally bred to take down lions in the collesium in the days of the roman empire. They are great hunters and are not afraid of much. If you think that is what constitutes as mean well… Like you said.. not much of a dog person are you…

As for willy… he isn’t a foo-foo typoe of poodle.. he is a roll around in the dirt and dig for ants kinda boy… a little obsessive about his darn ball… but oh so cute…I wouldn’t change a hair on his head….

Good day to all…

09/10/08 @ 22:54
Comment from: melina [Visitor]  

hola altos perros

09/17/08 @ 20:18
Comment from: elise [Visitor]  

you are so ignorant it’s pathetic. get a life

09/25/08 @ 21:35
Comment from: grace [Visitor]  

poodles are cute cuddly dogs so dont talk shit

10/04/08 @ 17:15
Comment from: chas_marie [Visitor]

i totally disagree with you on your view of poodles. i have 2 mini poodles at home and none of them look like that. the poodles’ look is based on how the owner cuts their hair. you obviously have only looked at the poodles on google because there are so many more ways to cut the poodles hair and give them their own unique look.

10/10/08 @ 19:56
Comment from: samantha casey [Visitor]  
samantha casey

this is so cool and it helped me on a project so im so happy and thank you cinserly samantha casey tl (tolk later)

10/28/08 @ 19:18
Comment from: Poodle lover [Visitor]  
Poodle lover

Poodles are my favorite breed of dogs!!! They are the 2ed smartest breed (collies first). They are usually quick about learning new tricks which is why they are well known in dog shows. Not only that but most dogs have fur but Poodles and Yorkshire terriers have hair like we do. This means it is softer and they shed less than other dogs. Poodles are also grate dogs for kids and adults with allergies (which is the main reason got one). The minuature and toy poodles make grate house pets. The toys are small enough for apartments. Although I do not recommend getting a teacup poodle because they are just runts breed with other runts. Runts have the most helth problems and buying any teacup breed is like saying it is okay. Which by the way teacup breeds are not considered a breed in the A.K.C. Also that so called ” crazy hair cut” they give them is done because it keeps the poodles warm in the water when retreving animals in the water, like ducks. So next time your stuped enough to say something online get your facts strate. I am only 14 and seem to know a lot more about dogs than you ever will.

Poodle lover forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/06/08 @ 02:30
Comment from: Felicia [Visitor]  

First off i would like to say that poodles are beautiful. They are NOT ugly. I do agree that the standard poodle hair cut is not that appealing. This breed is very intelligent and graceful, depending on the person or persons that raise it.I have two poodles, a minature and a toy. They are great dogs and i wouldnt share my home with any other breed. I mean think about it, they dont shed, they learn at lighting speed, and they are great compainions. I think of my poodles as members of my family and not pets. They make my bad days brighter and my good day better. Poodles arent mean, if you have seena a mean one, thats only becuse someone made it mean. Just like any other dog. For one thing, my poodles LOVE everyone but if you hurt me, Ginger will rip someone a new one. Just like anyother dog that loves it’s owner. Dont talk about a breed you abviously know NOTHING about. Thankyou and have great day!!

12/22/08 @ 21:08
Comment from: Doggygirl [Visitor]  

Anyone who spends their time criticizing animals over the internet is really stupid and awful. Some people find poodles cute so to call them “Creatures” is really retarded…..like you are. Did your mom drop you on your head a couple times when you were a baby or something?

01/01/09 @ 19:34
Comment from: Rotten Puppets [Visitor]
Rotten Puppets

Hey that boxy Poodle is boxalicious!!! I hear that it can breakdance if you lay down the cardboard. Zibble is watching you.

Power to the Puppet

01/08/09 @ 17:17
Comment from: diane ball [Visitor]  
diane ball

i have always had dogs. big ones and since i got my toy poodle i could never go back to another breed. they are loving,intelligent and great company. i love all dogs but i couldnt have another breed ever. dont knock them til you have one or at least meet one they are GREAT.

01/17/09 @ 07:41
Comment from: kiakit [Visitor]  

Chill out!!!!!! i have a poodle and luv her to death. Pooodles r the nicest dods out there. Aand they are NOT UGLY

01/24/09 @ 12:07
Comment from: Anna [Visitor]  

hahaha thank you it was soo great!!

01/25/09 @ 12:25
Comment from: DARKCHYLD [Visitor]  

well i believe that you shuudnt tlk about dogsz in this way. but i do like the way you said it. idk. im confsed. but express yaself. itsz the onli way to get away frum violent actsz. hahaha. stfu.♥

02/05/09 @ 16:04
Comment from: Rosi [Visitor]  

Hi, everybody
I just wanted to share with you my own experience of owning a poodle.
We had Suzie for 15 wonderful years. She was the most loving, intelligent and tender companion we have ever had.
Today is 9 months she has gone to heaven and we miss her terribly. She loved everybody; she even enjoyed playing with cats. We have had other breeds but none compares with her.
I am Spanish and,as I haven’t got anyone to talk to in my own language here in the UK, I used to talk to her all the time. I never felt lonely. She always understood what I was trying to tell her. I used to give her instructions in English and she understood, too!!She was very obedient. I would recommend this breed to anyone who feels lonely and needs to feel loved.They are funny, too. She used to make me laugh a lot!
Anyway, when we are ready (we are still missing her…),we will get another poodle (a girl,too!).
Bye for now

02/08/09 @ 14:26
Comment from: C.J. [Visitor]  

you’re an idiot jagoff poodles rule your face off!!

02/08/09 @ 17:10
Comment from: Poodle Jewel [Visitor]  
Poodle Jewel

The photos you see on the net with strange hair cuts isn`t the norm for most poodle owners,Mine are cut one length all over requiring some people to ask “is that a Poodle?”
Some people may be eccentric but i have seen owners of other dogs be accentric.My Poodles are Pet For Therapy dogs well trained and very smart,rather then condem something you don`t like yourself how about educating yourself.

02/12/09 @ 01:24
Comment from: Anne [Visitor]

You are so dumb! Have you done any research on poodles? I would say not! Oh and you said poodles are ugly. Have you ever seen a poodle with a pet like hair cut??? Well, just an FYI for ya they look adorable!!! Oh and poodles are one of the nicest dogs out there. That’s just another point that makes you look stupid.

Well, I hope that someday you will stop embarrassing your self and find something better to do with your time then bashing poodles.

Have a good life!

02/14/09 @ 16:58
Comment from: Anne [Visitor]  

you are not very nice!

02/14/09 @ 20:16
Comment from: Susan [Visitor]

Thanks for posting these cool poodle pics.
Your teasing doesn’t bother me.
I had 2 big brothers growing up, and I believe your comments are all in fun.

02/15/09 @ 23:40
Comment from: Maddie [Visitor]

wow!!! i luv poodles i have a brown toy poodle! i hate it when people say they are an ugly dog!!! cuz poodles are so cute!

02/18/09 @ 18:48
Comment from: marcel [Visitor]  

well In my opinion poodles are the smartes dog on earth they are great pets exellent guardians and they are the best on the show bussiness ……this person doesn`t like them but he has never own one so he will never know what is like to own one ….I own one I groom her myself never own a dog before until I got married and my wife wants one ….for me was love at first sight good luck

02/18/09 @ 21:51
Comment from: christine [Visitor]

this guy is sooo wrong poodles are adorable I HAVE ONE and he is the cutest dog you will ever see in your life. and why does this guy hate poodles soo much? i think its dumb that he wrote all of that junk about poodles i bet their better looking than him!!!

02/21/09 @ 21:50
Comment from: POODLE LOVER [Visitor]  

I completely agree with Christine! I own a poodle and he is the sweetest most amazing dog I’ve ever had! He’s more like a person than a dog. There isn’t a nasty bone in his body. As for their hair cuts, that’s up to the owner. They don’t have to look weird. I don’t understand why a person so obviously misinformed would spout such ridiculous information. By the way, my poodle is not the only one I’ve known and not a one of them has been a nasty dog. ANY dog can be mean and nasty. It’s all how they’re brought up.

02/24/09 @ 17:12
Comment from: gaby [Visitor]  

i think your STUPID and you don’t know anything about poodles. i have a poodle and she’s a great dog and i’m sure she’s better looking than you, and by reading what you wrote she’s also smarter than you

03/01/09 @ 04:07
Comment from: Kirsten [Visitor]  

I agree with the anti-poodle rant. I thought it covered how I (and at least several hundred other people I have discussed poodles with) feel with astonishing accuracy. Sorry poodle people but nothing says “hey look at me” like an ugly poodle. It is my opinion (and I will probably take some negative feedback for this) that people that have poodles that dye, dress, or shave funny haircuts on their dogs are starved for attention and need a conversation starter…even if the content is negative. Girls, guys don’t like them either. They don’t think it’s cute that you put them in an outfit to match EVERY holiday. Nor do they appreciate the fact that you spent an obnoxious amount of money on an over priced designer dog carrier so that you can carry this ugly little prissy dog with you EVERYWHERE. By the way, they are NOT allowed out of the pet carrier on an airplane! Don’t even try it! I can see you boarding the aircraft with your “precious” cargo and I know instantly that YOU are going to be high maintenence! That is what MEN are thinking about you too! If you are single and looking but you carry a poodle, own a poodle, or have a small dog of any kind that you dress up and take with you…get a clue…you are chasing men away. At least chihuahua’s have the whole taco bell image going for them so they have a redeeming quality. Why haven’t poodles been used as a marketing tool? Hmmm lemme guess….they are ugly and prissy and they don’t appeal to anyone with any taste in dogs….with that said…. I will say in defense of this mutt that the full size poodle has the redeeming quality of being large. Lap dogs are not cool. Unless your Paris Hilton, who appears to need the dog to have someone or something to kiss at all times so she feels validated for her lack of talent and credible body of work, then it just doesn’t work. Really, the only people that think this is cute are middle aged (and older) middle income, women who’s husbands are no longer in the picture (either physically or emotionally). You can spot these women easily, simply notice that the sweatshirt they are wearing is printed with a picture that resembles your precious poodle. No one with any taste finds them cute. Sorry to those that own sweatshirts like this…but seriously rethink your fashion choice. If you must adorn clothing with pictures of dogs on the front…why not use the image of a greyhound or german shepherd, or perhaps a nice bulldog. Even an ugly pug would be better. By the way pugs are excluded from the unacceptable small dog list based on the obvious fact that they got the short end of the stick in every department and suffer enough because of it. Tea Cup Poodle owners (or whatever you call them), toy poodles, and anyone who puts non-sensible clothing on your pet for show purposes…GET A LIFE…AND A REAL DOG.

sorry if I offended you humans, but all you poodles in the world… build yourselves an ark and sail off to a deserted island. Let them be with their own kind in peace without dyes and dresses…you have tortured them long enough! Thanks!

03/01/09 @ 09:42
Comment from: Valerie [Visitor]  

You are being a mean and ugly man. everyone in my family says you were being a lozy,lazy,mean,ugly-horrible loco tonto jerk.By the way loco means crazy in Spanish. And tonto means dumb. By the way my POODLE says your a lonely man.

03/06/09 @ 18:38
Comment from: Valerie [Visitor]  

you are a ugly man .I bet you still suck your thumb and live and with your mom.

03/07/09 @ 13:11
Comment from: Jan [Visitor]  

Well, I’m a kitty person, and I have this one huge white, long-haired cat that is naturally fru-fru fluffy without anything being done to him. Not a Persian, a flame-point, long-haired Siamese. Beautiful animal, and LOUD!

As for poodles, I really enjoy looking at them. I’ll admit, I get a real kick out of the fancier ones, especially if they’re dyed pink or blue. Maybe it’s a child-like playfulness that is intrigued by a “fantasy” dog that is actually real.

I like unicorns, too … So, there you go.

Let’s have some fun in this life – as long as it doesn’t actually harm the animals …. And I guess it doesn’t, or the authorities, I’m sure, would find some way to outlaw it. (Not that government doesn’t need to mind its own business – it does need to, simply won’t).

I haven’t heard anything about the ASPCA complaining about the practice of dyeing these dogs, so it apparently must be pretty safe.

Still, I respectfully remain a kitty person…

03/08/09 @ 04:46
Comment from: Gillian [Visitor]

Oh my god, why do you hate poodles so much? I own one and he is not ugly, poodles are only ugly with a poodle cut! If you ask me, the ugliest dog here is the one who has to make themselves feel good by putting down poodles! Poodles were once used to save the lives of those who fell through the ice, and the reson they have that hair cut is to protect their joints and vital organs from the cold and help them travel easier through the water. I hope you feel horrible inside, and me and my poodle Burscough tell you this, GO TO HECK POODLE HATERS!

03/11/09 @ 15:21
Comment from: Graham Gotham [Visitor]  
Graham Gotham

Before I got married, I used to feel the same way you felt about poodles. I thought they were ugly and I was 100 percent a “Lab man.” However, when I purchased a standard poodle for my wife I was utterly AMAZED! He has one of of the best attitudes of any dog I’ve ever had and he was a breeze to train.
We don’t have children yet, so our dogs are our babies, but we don’t dress them up in outfits. They are DOGS, not little people! We shun the fancy cuts and keep our standard in the “retriever clip,” which keeps the coat neat and it covers his entire body. But, nothing I say will make you like them and I’m not trying to sway you.
And, while I disagree with your opinion, I firmly embrace your right to feel that way and express your thoughts. It’s unfortunate that poodle lovers have resorted to name calling and personal attacks. It’s totally unnecessary and futile.
I love poodles as much as anyone. As a matter of fact, I love my wife’s poodle as much as I love my Lab (and that’s A LOT!) but it doesn’t bother me if people don’t like them. Others’ opinions have nothing to do with the relationship between me and my dogs. I hope that one day you find a dog that gives you the kind of joy my dogs give me. Good luck.

03/18/09 @ 08:34
Comment from: Jan [Visitor]  

Someone here posted they thought “bdizzle” was too funny as a user name. I was on a board once where we had a poster named “piddle-diddle". Now THAT’S funny!

In my opinion, Graham Gotham has posted one of the more intelligent comments … No hostility, no name-calling, just relating his experiences with the dogs in his life, which have been positive.

To each his own, I say. In this day and age of forced “political correctness", it seems one’s liberty to express one’s opinion is fast flying out the window. We had better quick grab it by its tail and pull it back, lest we lose this right forever!

I have just recently learned of some poodle owners in certain localities in our so-called “free” country who have been fined for dyeing their dogs. Since WHEN is it the business of lawmakers to legislate such matters ???? If someone was beating their dog to death or using toxic chemicals, I could see it. That would be animal cruelty. But most of these dyes are nothing more than Koolaid or food coloring. They’re temporary and harmless – eventually washing out completely. From what I understand, these dogs were still being well fed and cared for, and they seemed happy enough.

Folks, we need to start taking back some of our individual rights and freedoms that have been usurped from us by special interest groups with more power than anyone deserves having. Animal rights folks have gone way overboard in trying to “protect” animals that really don’t need protecting, and poking their noses in where they don’t belong.

So what if someone wants to dye their poodle or kitty a pretty pastel Easter color, or even a bright color they find appealing? As long as it doesn’t genuinely harm the animal, who cares? Those who don’t like it can ignore it.

We all need to be more respectful of everyone’s right to express their opinion, as we always have the equal right to disagree with them, in a respectful way.

Call me politically INcorrect, and proud of it!

03/20/09 @ 12:12
Comment from: jasmine [Visitor]  


03/20/09 @ 19:43
Comment from: Jan [Visitor]  

Hello, jasmine – “puddles” are something I once like to splash in when I was a kid…. Never knew of any dog called a “puddle” … Could you please describe for me this new breed?

03/21/09 @ 13:37
Comment from: Em [Visitor]  

Wow. Don’t judge a poodle unless you’ve owned one, I have owned 7 dogs in my life and a Standard Poodle was my favorite out of all of them. They are not sissys and clearly you need to do more research next time before you say that poodles are worthless. They are not. Standard Poodles are the smartest breed of dog. They aren’t prissy. Did you know that someone did the whole dogs sled idiarod with POODLES pulling his sled??!? I’m telling you this because I love this breed and it is my favorite and I’m sick and tired of people judging it by looks.

03/27/09 @ 21:26
Comment from: Kristen [Visitor]

Poodles are not ugly dogs at all…it just depends on how they have their hair styled. Poodles are one of the best breeds of dogs when it comes to being friendly and good with children, and they are the sencond smartest breed of dogs. I think you need to reconsider the poodle.

03/30/09 @ 13:29
Comment from: Jan [Visitor]  

Okay, poodle buffs, here’s a curiosity question for you: I’ve always wondered which is smaller, a toy poodle or a miniature poodle? I know standard poodles are the large ones. Are there any larger than a standard?

Just trying to become more educated ..

In good spirit …

03/31/09 @ 18:26
Comment from: corayma [Visitor]  

all i gotta say is that you are an ignorant human being and a little punk since you dont got nothing better to do but tell a whole bonch of comments you need to keep to your self.and if you hate poodles so much ,why would you do a whole page for them get a life looser

04/03/09 @ 13:38
Comment from: conny [Visitor]  

listen, you are the stupidest person ever! Poodles arent ugly i bet you just have bad eyesight, because poodles are adourable! OKAY!!!!!

04/03/09 @ 23:22
Comment from: Lauder [Visitor]

I disagree! I have a nine year old standard poodle and she has always been the sweetest dog in the world. She doesn’t bark a lot, she’s very calm, but still very playful. She is the perfect pet. She doesn’t shed and she has no odor. She’s not prissy at all. She loves riding in my truck with all the windows down and she’s even killed a fair amount of large rodents in our yard.

I know this is just your opinion, but please be better informed before you say something insulting about a breed many people own and love.

04/04/09 @ 06:52
Comment from: Jan [Visitor]  

And here, amid all this hostility, I have asked two or three simple questions to try to learn something, and nobody is addressing them. I’m curious as to which is smaller – toy poodles or miniature poodles. Also, are there any larger than the standard poodle? I’ve asked these questions in an effort to become further educated and informed, however, it seems many folks here prefer more to vent their anger than to try to teach.

I do appreciate those posts in which folks have shared their personal experiences with owning poodles.

I find poodles fascinating, though being a cat person, I just generally don’t gravitate towards dogs as pets.

How about using some of your valuable information to address the questions I’ve asked. Then maybe we would ALL learn a little more.

04/04/09 @ 12:58
Comment from: Amadea [Visitor]  

You saying that you sound very ignorant… Poodles are definitely NOT nasty. I have a standard poodle and he is the most MELLOW and cleanestdog you will ever meet. Furthermore think about how much work their owners put into the grooming of the coat etc etc… If you are not a dog person then why the hell would you comment on dogs? I mean do you not have anything better to do? We are in a recession think about how you’ll make another dollar to scratch your ass with! The haircuts were created to make the breed more agile in the water while keeping its joints and body organs warm as they were originally bred as retrievers! Anyways, I’m done! P.s I’ve always been the most popular person in school and i’m currently a model… soo suck a dick and worry about the ugly man u got lyin next to you, i’m sure you can not do better!
signed kudos

04/06/09 @ 21:32
Comment from: Valerie [Visitor]  

You R a momas boy who hates life and life hates him

04/08/09 @ 19:40
Comment from: Jan [Visitor]  

I give up!

04/10/09 @ 08:04
Comment from: poodles are cute [Visitor]  
poodles are cute

stuff u. poodles are cute

04/11/09 @ 18:31
Comment from: AngelafromTexas [Visitor]

I have a poodle, he’s awesome, you aren’t.

04/16/09 @ 23:53
Comment from: i LOVE Poodles!! [Visitor]  
i LOVE Poodles!!

my poodles are cute and if u think they are ugly than you have prablems got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!POODLES ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04/17/09 @ 23:37
Comment from: i LOVE Poodles!! [Visitor]  
i LOVE Poodles!!


04/17/09 @ 23:45
Comment from: i LOVE Poodles!! [Visitor]
i LOVE Poodles!!


04/17/09 @ 23:52
Comment from: poodles rock [Visitor]
poodles rock

you should get your facts right b****

04/18/09 @ 00:03
Comment from: Get a life [Visitor]
Get a life

Really, must you say only the bad things, there are so many great things about poodles that you don’t even say in this entry… you forgot to mention how great companions they are, how SMART they are, how versitle they are, and that almost every small dog breed has been one point or another been crossed with a poodle, they are hypo-allergenic, and you need to respect that fact that not everyone is going to agree with you…

please, write something more productive next time

04/23/09 @ 22:00
Comment from: isabellamay [Visitor]  

dude seriously.get a life, i mean who goes online and talks crap about poodles?

04/25/09 @ 16:18
Comment from: FELICIA [Visitor]  

Poodles are not nasty and are very intelligent and make great companions

04/27/09 @ 13:00
Comment from: greg [Visitor]

Excuse me but it is frankly the rudest thing to just diss poodles like that. You don’t even like dogs in the first place what do you know about poodles? Sure maybe the little ones can be annoying some times, but so can Yorkshire Terriors and I love those! I own a poodle and nobody really cuts their dog like that unless they are in a show or so what if they do!? It’s their dog. They dont shed all over your house and they are great dogs, easy to train. And about the nasty thing… all dogs can be nasty. All people are nastier. We all have our days and you are more nasty then that dog’ll ever be.

04/27/09 @ 20:45
Comment from: Paige Elizabeth [Visitor]  
Paige Elizabeth

Wow….if you have ever seen a baby toy poodle you will think it is the most cutest dog ever…personally i don’t like the poodle cut. I think toy poodles are the cutest. They are the most intelligent too and are very annoying because they always need you. Having a dog is like having another person there to hear your troubles and your dogs will never judge you they will be there for you. My baby toy poodle jumps leaps licks he does a little dance when I get home everyday he gets so excited, it makes you feel so loved and great. My dog got me through tough times. You would never understand because you have never had a dog to love or a good one that loves unconditionally. But I hate it owners embarrass there puppies by cutting there hair like that it is disgusting…it can be cute but most of the time no. If you click on the Url…it will show you what he looks like.

05/01/09 @ 17:10
Comment from: poodleluvrr [Visitor]

re: poodles being nasty

I must say I have never met a mean poodle in my life. I have had poodles just as long, my mum had one before I was born and they have always been the most loving, gentle and kind dogs, in fact that’s the reason (other than my mum’s allergies) that we always have a poodle. I suppose it depends upon the owner. As they say, a rottweiler is not necessarily an attack dog by nature unless trained that way. I will admit many poodle owners are wankers, so maybe it rubs off…

btw, I think poodle cuts are a form of animal cruelty. My poodle looks nothing like those dogs…

05/03/09 @ 10:45
Comment from: Steph [Visitor]

Why do I doubt you’ve never ACTUALLY researched this breed…?

I have a 2 year old standard poodle who is incredibly smart (Knows about 15 tricks and the the names of his toys) and is extremely well behaved.

I agree with you about the little ones, that can be a bit snippy, but any standards I’ve every seen are fantastic dogs.
Very loving, very smart, and a great watchdog.

05/08/09 @ 01:50
Comment from: Art [Visitor]  

Uhh.. the appearance of poodles are GREATLY dependent on how they are groomed. With the right grooming, a toy poodle can look kind of like a Bichon Frise.

You are so narrow minded.

05/10/09 @ 00:50
Comment from: PRINCESS [Visitor]


05/13/09 @ 01:15
Comment from: Emma and Daniel [Visitor]
Emma and Daniel

I think you are an idiot that has no knowledge about dogs. Poodles are intelligent and are the most human like dog you will ever meet. I actually felt insulted by your post and the stupid pathetic pictures of them poodles cuts. You should get a life and if you dont like dogs dont talk about them or read up on them so you can see they are not mean and are the friendliest dog and give you great company. You should not have been able to post this it is offensive to all dog lovers especially poodle lovers and to poodles themselves. If they could hear you and read they would bite your bollocks off if you had any that is. U prick!!!

05/13/09 @ 16:50
Comment from: Jan [Visitor]  

Goodness me! This person’s opinion certain has set off some intense feelings! I am wondering if all the name-calling and other nasty language is necessary or productive. Wouldn’t it be better to simply educate and inform in a civil manner?

Maybe this poster was bitten by a poodle once, or had another bad experience. That certainly doesn’t make the breed “mean” by any means, as who knows what might have provoked that one individual, if indeed that happened.

Granted, the images are a little off-the-wall of the various poodle cuts, although as I’ve stated in my earlier replies, I think it’s kind of fun looking at all those different colors, as long as the dyes that are used are safe for the dogs. Groomers know which dyes are safe, and I really don’t think it’s cruel if it doesn’t actually hurt the animals.

Some dog owners have a rather cock-eyed sense of humor, but to each his or her own. It’s a free country.

I just wish threads like this can be more civil in their wording and tone. Being abusive and insulting doesn’t accompish anything. Maybe most of you folks just feel the need to vent … But even there, strong feelings of disagreement can be expressed without the character assassinations and profanity.

Yes, it’s a free country, and I guess you can say what you want how you want to – but what does it achieve except to show everybody you have a limited vocabulary and a mind in the gutter?

Just my opinion …

– Jan

05/16/09 @ 18:18
Comment from: poodlelover [Visitor]  

OK first of all those are standard poodles with bad haircuts. Here is a cute poodle

go there and look please

2nd of allpoodles are the 2nd smartet dog in the world and are only nasty if scared,treated cruely, or come from bad breeders. If you get the right puppy they can be sweet cute and lovely

05/19/09 @ 18:54
Comment from: Karla [Visitor]  

somewhat true but your biased you only picked pictures of ugly poodles there individuals too and some are gorgeous and some are not it depends on the poodle and the haircut.but otherwise realized you sound very ignorant.

05/19/09 @ 23:30
Comment from: HoneyRSix [Visitor]  

:"My that is an ugly little” creature man i would slap u. ya kno what your ugly. Poodles are not ugly and i don’t care if this your opinion."What have poodles ever done to u huh? And if your not into cute dogs stop complaining other people get offended. I have a toy poodle whose four and shes very cute. We don’t cut her with spheres everywhere we leave her fuzzy and happy. Most poodles are nice and affectionate and u are the opposite by what you wrote there man. Stop hatin. You don’t have to like dogs u don’t have to like poodles but plz don’t criticize them. Do somthing better with your time.

05/25/09 @ 13:56
Comment from: Ann [Visitor]

Oh common people!!
what if your child was sick in the hosiptal and this poodle came in to make him/her feel better. Would you be “Get that ugly creature out of here?” No i think not DO NOT JUDGE POODLES ON THEIR APPEARANCE. It is their owners who give them those funny goofy haircuts!!
FYI i have a poodle and we just give him a buzz when he needs a haircut. He is the most wonderful dog anybody could have. He can open the back door and let himself out side. And when we got a new back door we put a bell by the back door for decoration. HE started to ring it to let us know he needed or wanted to go out.
AND these people who wrote this put ugly pictures of the poodles to make people think that is what ALL poodles look like. Their Style depends on their owner.
Thank you for your time

05/26/09 @ 18:06
Comment from: BeeBee [Visitor]

What is wrong with you??? This is the stupidist article I have ever read. Get a LIFE!!

05/26/09 @ 22:23
Comment from: Jo [Visitor]  

Erm, What is it with all of the people comparing poodles to border collies,k im sorry but i have had borders all of my, very short life. As im only 17, and actually collies are by far smarter than poodles also, as i work in the animal buisiness i know that poodles arnet the 2nd smartest dogs on the planet. Personally i believe its cruel, shaving shaping and colouring poodles. What if they dont want to be pretty little colours like bright pink? a dog is suposed to be natural and not shaped to how we want them, if they are left unclipped, that is the only time a poodle looks like a real dog and not a poor fasion acessory!!

06/08/09 @ 09:49
Comment from: Jan [Visitor]  

Hi, Jo …

Glad you’re working the animal business – animals need all the help they can get, sometimes.

As for poodles maybe not wanting to be pink, it’s my understanding that dogs don’t see the full spectrum of colors that humans do. I don’t know if they see only in black and white, or very limited number of colors, but a poodle probably couldn’t distinguish between pink and most other colors. The dyeing of poodles is for the enjoyment of humans and as I’ve stated before, if it doesn’t harm the animal, who cares? Groomers know which dyes are safe, and reputable groomers will only use safe dyes.

We had boxers when I was growing up, and they’re very protective of their owners. Good with kids, too.

Enjoy your animals, and good luck to you…

– Jan

06/10/09 @ 19:22
Comment from: Pansy [Visitor]  

I have three lovely poodles and it’s the best race in my opinion. Once poodle, always poodle. Our poodles don’t go dog shows and they aren’t all sophisticated and vainglorious. Just normal dogs. They don’t drop their hair, they don’t smell and I can have them even if I’m allergic to the other dogs! What’s the best about them is their intelligence. They learn new tricks really fast and one of my poodles is so clever he understands speech. He hates trimming and if I say anything about him needing it, he’s gonna run under the bed. They are very clever and beautiful dog. I think you should find out more about poodles and not jump into conclusions. You just have bad stereotypes.

06/13/09 @ 06:38
Comment from: Anna [Visitor]  

I have 9 poodles and just to say theres nothing mean about them…they are regarded as one of the most intelligent breeds of dog…poodles are skillful in many dog sports, including agility, obedience, tracking, and even herding…you dont even have a dog so how can you judge poodles…I just hate when people judge something even if they are not familiar whit it…just like you!

06/19/09 @ 07:27
Comment from: Anna [Visitor]  

buy the way…POODLES ROCK!!!

06/19/09 @ 07:30
Comment from: Lover of dogs [Visitor]
Lover of dogs

Not going to comment on this post, even though I own a Standard Poodle, the INTELLIGENT posts have covered what I’d want to say.

At Jan: A Toy is smaller. Toys are up to 10″ tall at the shoulders, Minis between 10 and 15″, and Standards are over 15″. There are no other sizes in America. Some European registries recognize a medium sized Poodle called the “Moyen.”

They’re great dogs that are intelligent, active, hardworking, and very human. And the best part about their hair is…you can make it look however you want - shaggy, perfect show clip, whatever.

To those of you who said poodles look best unclipped, I just have to say that if they (and a lot of other breeds!) are never clipped, they can die. Literally. Poodles’ hair forms big clumps called mats if never brushed or clipped, and eventually these can cover the whole dog’s body and must be shaved to be removed. Trust me, I’ve had to shave a matted poodle before. These mats, if left alone and never shaved or brushed, can cause irritation to the skin and eventually open sores where flies lay eggs and hatch into maggots… which can kill the dog. Also, if the matting goes across the dog’s anus it can literally block the feces and the dog can die. Gross, but true. So a lot of Poodle grooming is for sanitary and health reasons. They should be groomed at least every 8 weeks, though more like 4-6… But grooming is also just fun and I like having a clean, well-clipped dog.

Oh. And I had to correct a few well-meaning, but misinformed people..
Poodles were bred to be water retrievers. Their French name, Caniche, means “duck dog” and the name Poodle is derived from the German word “pudel” or “pudelin” meaning to splash in the water. Their curly coat is water repellent (try taking a poodle swimming! You’ll believe me). And the silly show clip? It’s called the “continental” clip and is based off of the original poodle hunting clip. Hunters would shave as much of the hair off as possible to let the dogs swim freely, but leave hair in the most important areas: head, chest, and legs to keep the brain, heart, and joints warm, and a puff on the tail to act as a rudder. The hip puffs were later added for style. Here’s a picture of a “historically correct” Continental trim: http://www.poodlehistory.org/WICK.GIF By the way, that dog was earning a title in hunting.

So anyway, I hope someone learned something from this post…

06/21/09 @ 20:35
Comment from: animallover [Visitor]  

how can you say such bad stuff about a dog you probly have never bean in contact with keep your rude and insulting opinions to your selff nobody cares if you dont like adorible animals

06/30/09 @ 20:19
Comment from: Toni [Visitor]

I never thought I would own a poodle, but my husband has dog allergies and we wanted another dog. We chose a parti colored poodle who is just adorable. SHe is smart, affectionate, and gets along with everyone. SHe looks nothing like the dogs in your pictures.

07/02/09 @ 19:32
Comment from: Dana [Visitor]  

I have been grooming and working with dogs for most of my life. I have a two year old toy poodle. He’s truly a joy to have around. I chose the breed specifically for their temperament. They are exceedingly intelligent animals, and so loving and social. As with any intelligent social animal, poodles can be ruined by neglectful owners who don’t socialize their dog or train them. All of the aggression ive ever seen in any dog has been from fear, and was the owners’ (or previous owners) fault. As far as the aesthetics of the breed go.. you’re entitled to your opinion. ;)

07/06/09 @ 14:43
Comment from: Kindra [Visitor]  

Just one more crazy poodle lover here!! I would just say, don’t knock it until you try it! I have two poodles, one toy and one standard. I use my standard for pheasant hunting and keep her in a short cut, she is just as talented as the golden retriever we hunt with. The standard poodle is the smartest dog I have ever owned and it is wonderful not to have dog hair all over! You can say what you want about poodle owners but there are A LOT of crazy people out there that do not have poodles! As for my toy, she is a perfect angel and loves to try to hunt with the big dogs, neither of my dogs are “nasty". Both are great with children, elderly and other dogs. They have wonderful personalities. I would say to the people who have posted their negative opinions, maybe you should do a little research and form an educated opinion.

07/07/09 @ 01:06
Comment from: Sasha [Visitor]

I think the fact that you had time to write all of this about a dog you hate on a website is pathetic. Get a life you loser.

09/22/09 @ 11:28
Comment from: Jenny [Visitor]

FYI, poodles are the 2nd smartest dog breed with only the border collie coming before them. In 10 minutes I taught my standard poodle to sit and shake when she was only 10 weeks old. Not to mention they are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. Have you ever thought about why there are so many mixes with “oodle” at the end?

11/06/09 @ 17:20
Comment from: TrucnganNguyen [Visitor]

dont you have anything better to do than sit on the net and hate on dogs? damn pathetic. You are offending many dog lovers out there, and if you dont like poodles then good for you whale cunt. nobody cares about your unecessary opinion.

11/08/09 @ 22:17
Comment from: Ranelle [Visitor]

Dude, you are sooooooo wrong here. Poodles are intelligent dogs, and really good-natured for the most part. An not everyone shaves them into crazy patterns. This is funny, granted, and I’m not offended or anything, but I just think you’re off on poodle’s overall personalities. They are usually really great dogs. They are the second most intelligent dogs according to the AKC, right after border collies. If you are a dog lover (which you obviously aren’t, haha) there is a lot to love about poodles.

12/08/09 @ 18:48
Comment from: Maria [Visitor]

jeez. Poodles are adorable creatures. and I guess if you cut them like that, they can be a little on the ugly side, but other than that they’re great! I have been a poodle breeder for years, and have breeded many other dogs. Poodles are the most well-behaved, sweet and adorable creatures in the world. Look up ‘ugliest dog ever’ on google images, now THAT’s an ugly dog. Plus, you’re only posting bad pictures of them here.

So put THAT in your pipe and smoke it.

01/01/10 @ 11:36
Comment from: Shannon [Visitor]

Speaking of inflated sense of self worth, you assume your opinion matters. And speaking of control issues, your boss treats you poorly and you take it out on poodle owners, “that’ll teach them".

Obviously you are uneducated on the matter of poodles. The particular cut that you felt the need to showcase as someone’s way of taking out their frustration from work was obviously from a grooming competition and was likely shaved down the moment the dog returned home. The typical poodle cut aka the continental cut has a purpose. It is meant to protect vital organs and joints for dogs who retrieve water fowl in Germany (not France) while shaving the rest of the dog kept it from being weighed down. What you are too ignorant to know is that poodles are hunting dogs, like labs. Is that manly enough for you? I have two standard poodles, neither of them has some ridiculous cut, they are both in a sporting cut (short all over) and they very much look like any other sporting breed. Unlike many sporting breeds, their talents don’t end with retrieving dead animals (or live ones for that matter). They are very intelligent, full of personality and the most loyal animals I have ever seen. I feel bad for people who can’t see past their own stereotypes and consider that there might just be a reason why dispite the amount of time and money it requires to keep a poodle they are one of the most popular dog breeds in America. And as for the reputation for being mean, that is just stupid. They have no more a reputation for being mean than any other dog. It is in the way they are raised and my poodles work as therapy dogs for elderly people. They visit nursing homes frequently and many of their “patients” look forward to their visits for days. Grow up and find something productive to do with your time.

01/03/10 @ 01:12
Comment from: dd [Visitor]  

I was never much of a dog person either, but I decided my large yard needed the company of a couple of good canines. I chose the standard poodle for their brains, hair, and wit. They are amazing dogs. They hunt, retrieve, and jump. I have two males that behave like a small pack of wolves….sometimes… right now they’re on the sofas watching Animal Planet.

01/14/10 @ 16:37
Comment from: Haley [Visitor]  

dude, you’re obviously a dumbass who doesn’t bother to do research before bashing something. poodles are so popular because of their intelligence, temperament, and abilities. They are the most trainable and intelligent breed out there, hands down. They also DO NOT SHED. This is a huge plus and another reason poodles are so popular. And the crazy hair cuts you see on some of them? Those originated from when the dogs were used as hunters and retrievers in Europe–splashing through icy water and razor sharp reeds is hard work, and the patches of hair were left to protect vital organs and joints in the harsh conditions they worked under.
Why get a stupid, shedding, slobbery dog when you could have a non-shedding, highly intelligent, kid-friendly and all around loving poodle? It’s pretty obvious why the poodle is a bad ass dog. And you have been PWNd dumb ass.

01/28/10 @ 14:55
Comment from: AIREOL GRAVES [Visitor]  

that poodle that is cut like in squares that look a hot mass.And who ever did that they should be a shame of their selfs.POOR DOG.

02/05/10 @ 20:09
Comment from: Lee [Visitor]

I hate haircuts people give their poodles. We have a miniature poodle and I groom him myself. I’m no stylist so he does look kind of ratty most of the time. He is the smartest, most entertaining dog I have ever met. So sweet, loving, and protective towards me and my family. I can’t ask for a better dog.

02/08/10 @ 17:44
Comment from: Jane [Visitor]

I disagree with you completely! I own a poodle bichon mix, and they are loving, adorable dogs that are excellent with kinds. I agree that I don’t like the ugly hairstyles that some people give their poodles, but when their hair is grown out normally they are just precious! Also, poodles have a very low tendancy to shed, and they are extremely intelligent dogs. Do your research, and stop basing the dog breed of their owners!

02/10/10 @ 17:38
Comment from: Poodle Girl [Visitor]
Poodle Girl

Ok Poodles, well no not everyone likes the look of this breed but this is personal opinion. All very subjective. We all have the right to like or dislike something, this guy happens to target poodles. (he possibly suffers from poodle head) hence his dislike for his own similarity to the breed. Poodles are one of the smartest dogs and very loyal and affectionate. The reason why many dog lovers choose poodles is the non-shedding factor. However in lue of shedding there is much brushing to be done to keep the coat in good condition. I am a poodle person and I devote 1 hour per dat to brushing and 6 hours per week for bathing clipping and banding the coat. The amount of dedication to maintin the breed standard look is incredible. Regardless of ugly (again opinon) you should appriciate the skill and time involved in seeing a dog in full show coat.
Yes this is my job and I love what I do so it is not a chore to me.

02/22/10 @ 19:13
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]

The person who wrote this is an idiot. For someone to judge a breed and know very litle about them is an idiot. I am a toy poodle owner and our little Chloe is adorable. She has a great personality and is not mean at all. I think the person who wrote this is probably sitting close to 300 lbs, jobless and depressed. They have nothing else better to do then to bash a helpless little creature. Well shame on you. How does it feel to be judged. EXACTLY….!!!!!!!! Idiot!

03/11/10 @ 12:39
Comment from: ines [Visitor]

I have a creamy white toy poodle and I have received numerous compliments on the way he looks. A lot of strangers we’ve passed on the streets have even said that he is ‘the cutest dog theyve ever seen’. You do not have to cut your poodle into these hideous haircuts, the uglyness is not natural to the breed itself!

1)poodle is one of the smartest dog breed on earth.
2)poodle is close to hypo-allergenic - I myself am allergic to dogs but have no trouble living with my poodle
3)poodles shed very little to no hair, so its easy to live with not having doghair all over your house..
4)poodles have little to no ‘doggy-smell’, they are easy to keep smelling fresh.
5) poodles require little daily exercise as compared to many other dog breeds, and are good with children. They are NOT nasty, unless poorly raised, which is the case with ANY dog.

theres a few reasons for someone to get a poodle, asswhipe. next time do your research before writing an article because this is beyond embarrassing. I hope you dont call yourself a writer because a writer researches topics he writes about.

try it, just type ‘toy poodle’ on google image seach and you’ll see. theyre actually really damn adorable :)

03/25/10 @ 17:30
Comment from: M [Visitor]

Silly human. The stupid haircuts are not a breed feature. That says more about humans than poodles.

I keep my poodles in a sensible short cut without the stupid poufs, which look silly to me as well.

As for the temperament, well, I’ve never met a nasty poodle.

Underneath the hair, a poodle has the clean and graceful lines of a pointer or a vizsla. I don’t know why some people love the silly haircut more than the lines of the dog, but to each her own.

03/28/10 @ 18:31
Comment from: LovelessHacker [Visitor]  

I’m 16 and certainly not as silly headed as a considerable amount of you who comment about this post. Not that anyone will reply to my post (not that I care at all and in the least) but honestly, before sitting there at your computers edge and writing like some soccer mum who has some extra time to spend and making these outlandishly long comments about how stupid this fellows’ post is, think about it. Is it really required for you make another stupid post? Hasn’t there been enough? Isn’t it time you bought a humor? Of the comments I read, “Regina’s” has got to be the damn near best; she is a Poodle owner. Personally I thought the post was quite humorous. Do I like dogs? Yes particularly of late, (that’s how I stumbled upon this site).

So just a word of advice to people who are going to comment some thing like “Get a life” or ” I am a Poodle owner and i think you’re being outrageous", close your virtual mouths because it’s not needed anymore; It never was, especially after the third time someone commented like that.

Hardly anyone complains about the comedians on the telly or on stage.

And you might say: “well he’s no comedian.”

(Just as every comedian at some point hits you with something that is not funny because its something you struggle with or is dear to you (Ex. The comedian begins talking about fat people, and you happen to be among those ranks, it hurts you)this guy just did the same:

And I would reply: “you’re no damn judge either”

End of story.

P.s. Kudos to “Regina” and anyone else who posted like that.

03/28/10 @ 22:52
Comment from: LovelessHacker [Visitor]  

Do forgive me for double posting but I must comment about “Mike” and “Haley’s” comments.

I laughed till no end at you two.

It’s rather upsetting that humans can be so stupid.

He didn’t judge the breed entirely, he just said they were ugly. He didn’t say that they were “useless", merely that they aren’t appealing.
He also said that some have nasty attitudes. And more than not, intelligent dogs that are not exposed to elements of life and are not exercised mentally, will turn nasty; that’s the case with a lot of dog owning households; much more than many of us would like to think about.

Honestly, if you think about it, a lot of you Poodle owners have nothing nice to say… INTERESTING…

So now, “Haley", you might want to delete your comment (if at all possible) because “"you have been PWNd dumb ass."”

With Love

03/28/10 @ 23:19
Comment from: Doggy Daddy [Visitor]
Doggy Daddy

I’ve got seven dogs none of which are poodles but I do own a Chinese Crested which polarizes a lot of people. Now, being an adult with a career and responsibilities I marvel at this post as well as some of the responses posted here.

First - it’s extremely vain to sit in judgement.

Second - most of you that fire back are waaaay too uptight about what other people think about this. Are you that way in all aspects when people have different views? It’s just an opinion…as they say, opinions are like arseholes, everybody has one.

Third - who really cares if someone else thinks a dog breed is ugly or beautiful? Would you go as bat-shit nuts about a ranch -vs- a victorian? Buick -vs- Honda? Red -vs- blue?

Fourth - What are you doing to help anything?

Seriously? Shut. Up.

04/17/10 @ 07:19
Comment from: Lin [Visitor]

1st of all…Whoever owns a dog has the right to groom it the way THEY want it.Not the way YOU think it SHOULD be..You posted pictures of poodles that were groomed in silly ways and left out the ways that they can look VERY cute…But the ones that you posted are still of SOMEONE ELSES dog and if they like it that way then so be it..Who cares?? I mean yes sure your going to have your own thoughts on the way they look and thats fine just dont insult them..because that it a little rude of you..I mean whats the big deal to have to post pictures of something you really dont like and then say the things you said? There is no point to it..well the only point i got out of it is that your a person that just has to be heard sometimes keeping things to youself is better then talking about it..because you just let everyone know how much of an A$$ you can be..Sorry but had to say it :) Oh and i have a poodle and she looks kind of like the one in the 1st picture but she is a red poodle and she is very smart and just loves everyone and anyone.And so very cute.I dont know how someone can NOT like poodles..I guess it takes a really mean person to hate them….

04/27/10 @ 10:40
Comment from: Marco [Visitor]

HAHAHAHA. Great blog man. I thaught it was hilarious. I actually love poodles. But your take on them is quiet something. kudos.
What is even more entertaining is that some of these retards actually got really pissed off about this, hahhah, and they want you to get a life. hahahaha.
Stupid stupid stupid. Most of the bad comments probably come form board housewives who have only there poodles to communicate with, with a bitch like that running the house who would want to even stay awake after getting home form work.

hahahah. again, I loved your take on poodles.
P.S Some people in the world still have a healthy sense of humour, intacted and active.



05/02/10 @ 07:33
Comment from: amanda [Visitor]

PPL don’t think its funny cause its just stupid im a groomer my self and all the poodles that come in here just get clipped to keep the hair off so they dont get matted to the bone. All dogs should get groomed so i don’t really see the big deal. Why does he say they are mean or nasty? Poodles are some of the sweetest and smartest dogs on the planet and they don’t shead. So why wouldn’t ppl want them. Personally my favorite is the pug.

05/06/10 @ 09:38
Comment from: Liz [Visitor]

Your stupid, Poodles are one of the smartest dogs around, and the nicest. Speaking from a groomer’s point of view poodles are one of the best to work on, the patterns are not done on other dog’s because other dog’s are not smart enough to learn to stand still long enough and they have great hear for it to. I bet your ugly and hat people with curly hair, so you pick on a poor dog breed with curly hair, what about the Bichon Friese ?

05/12/10 @ 23:15
Comment from: mt [Visitor]

The worst, I can’t stand standard poodles looks or temprament, looks stupid even without a fancy haircut, get a real dog like a lab or golden, one who walks normal and does’nt look like a shitbag

05/24/10 @ 22:57
Comment from: Colette [Visitor]

I do own a poodle named Daisy. You are a very negitive insulting person. Poodles are very sweet and beautiful.

06/17/10 @ 21:42
Comment from: alison [Visitor]

Wow! You sound like a complete idiot! I have a mini poodle and she is the best dog ever! Get a life and stop writing about how much you hate poodles!

06/25/10 @ 12:20
Comment from: poodlesrock [Visitor]

Poodles are awesome! I might get one. By the way the picture of the square Poodle is so PhotoShop. You can tell.

My point is Poodles aren’t DUMB

06/27/10 @ 19:50
Comment from: K8LYN [Visitor]

poodles are not ugly some are quite cute. in fact my cousin has an adorable 2 year old poodle. she is so cute.plus she is playful and funny. i like her very much. i would love to have her as a pet. she is funny to watch because she has a toy frog that she always chewing on and flinging around!!!!!LOL

07/16/10 @ 23:17
Comment from: Christine [Visitor]

I just wanted to write a note to “mrs.C” - Im a groomer and I have a standard poodle…which I dye and give “funny” haircuts to because its fun for me and I like it. But I would really like to meet you in person with my poodle just to show you how much I really DONT baby talk to my dog and I’m really not an idiot for doing what I do. My poodle is trained in two different languages he competes in obediance as well as schutzhund training, so I’m pretty sure my big huge not so cute fluffy stupid dog and its owner could show you a thing or two about having some respect for other people, and all dogs aside I at least could. I realize everyone has their own opinion about poodles and thats fine but when people start atacking other people in their ways of expressing their opinion thats wrong. Not everyone who decides to do stupid hair cuts on their dogs have some sort of phsycological disorder or are some sort of crazy mook or whatever you were saying, baby talking their dogs. I also would never do anything to hurt my dogs, all dyes are safe and non-toxic. The haircuts I give them are kind of like an art form…and he doesnt spend all of his time in a rediculous hair cut - most of the time he’s a normal dog. I really dont understand why you haters have to take the time to come onto a poodle forum just to start shit with people who are going about their day either trying to actually learn something about poodles or who are sharing their experiences with others about them. If you people dont like poodles get off the F*cking poodle forum. And all judgement should be reserved for someone who actually has the right to judge. Im sure most of you who dont like the poodle cuts still wear lots of makeup or get piercings or die your hair….yeah….thats what I thought.

To Jan: Toy poodles are smaller than minature poodles. Standard poodles are the biggest poodle…but they vary in size and some refer to the really huge ones as Royal Standards, which is what mine is considered (even though the breed is only recognized as a standard for registration)

07/24/10 @ 13:56
Comment from: Vickie [Visitor]

Personally I find the original post funny but really misinformed not to mention didn’t ever get to know one personally. I also originally found the cuts to be funny and just outright crazy. Also, as his statement said I also knew some to be mean. Though this is NOT a true showing of the breed but rather owners that were not fit for one themselves. These dogs are beyond smart and if you don’t know how to handle them they can become mean knowing this will control you to do what they want. Now I own my own toy Pomeranian/toy poodle mix. The darn smartest, cutest, and friendliest dog. Now I find myself dressing her up from the time she was very young and now she seems she really enjoys it wagging her tail and going nuts when she sees her outfits coming out. Mine is mostly black with just a tiny bit of white just below her mouth, on her chest and on the tips of all her feet. This white I have then died myself using plan old koolaid and she looked so cute. However, again this is after I got to know and love one myself. She loves being pampered and when you get a dog that your really attach to like friends you like making them happy.

So all that said calm down everyone. This person obviously is just way misinformed and has no really knowledge of the breed. I am sure we have all made misinformed ideas in our lives do to ignorance? Then found out later that we were WAY wrong. :)

07/28/10 @ 17:17
Comment from: Cat [Visitor]

your an idoit what if you owned an animal and then someone judged you.How would you feel?i have a poodle and you just told me i am stupid.Your stipid!How dare you say that!I feel like i have been kicked in the face.think next time you say that.Think how you would feel if you were a poodle owner and you just read what you wrote.Would you be very happy?Or if a guy walked up to you and judged you by your dog.Someone might think your ugly an d judge you by that! poodles are very sweet and not ugly.Think, think before you do this

08/13/10 @ 19:02
Comment from: Sunil [Visitor]

this is me:

and I am a Poodle owner…… bet u have a big ass belly n u can hardly find a size that suits you….. loser….

08/20/10 @ 02:03
Comment from: maya [Visitor]

i have a poodle who every things is the cutest thing ever.

some poodles could look so ugly because of their cut

it depends on their cut
my poodle looks like a bichon frise because he has a puppy cut and not poodle cut.

the poodle cut is extremely ugly so if a poodle gets a poodle cut then they will look ugly

08/28/10 @ 12:38
Comment from: Callum [Visitor]  

Well Nice to see that you don’t let facts get in the way of your rant.
1. Poodles are a very friendly dog, try owning one.
2.Poodles do not shed and need to be trimmed, some people prefer the Lion clip, it is the owners choice how to clip their poodle.
3.Poodles are one of the few dogs that actually NEED to be clipped to even be allowed to be shown if you’re into that sort of stuff.

I have friends who breed them and got one as a pet for my birthday, he is awesome and great with kids. my friends asked if i want to show him i said I Don’t know but it’ll take time for him to grow a show coat. after knowing a lot of poodles i personally don’t find that they are mean, i wont attack you personally for your opinion but you could at least do some research.

As for calling Poodles ugly, well some are some aren’t like people. the old saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.

one last thing:
I don’t mind the lion clip I find it funny but cute in a weird sort of way, if groomed properly it feels like touching a cloud their hair is so soft.

PS. These breeders i know, all of their dogs are champions

PPS. None of them are inbred

PPPS. Dogs are a man’s best friend

PPPPS. Some women like them too though

PPPPPS. Not all men who show dogs are gay

PPPPPPS. That last has nothing to do with anything


Peace out :) XD

09/02/10 @ 05:44
Comment from: Colette [Visitor]

You are smart.

The Poodle is one of America’s favorite dog breeds so what an easy way to get a huge thread by being truly horrible about this dog and its owners.

I have lived with Poodles all my life and they are the best of all dogs.

But you don’t care - you have another post so well done.

09/15/10 @ 17:11
Comment from: Ashley [Visitor]

Your a dumb ass! Anyone who spends this much time talking crap about ANY breed of dog has a real problem. You will die because of you misery

09/16/10 @ 19:06
Comment from: anomous [Visitor]

Get a life. Jan there is no bigger size tan a standerd and a toy poodle is smaller than a mini

10/13/10 @ 13:52
Comment from: Cathleen [Visitor]

not my website, but here are some very non prissy poodles doing what poodles do best.

The reason there are so many dogs in shelters out there is because people like you judge a dog breed based on it’s looks more than on it’s temperament and behavior. So many people go out and buy a dog because they like it’s looks and pay no attention as to whether or not the common personality/behavior for that breed is suitable for their lifestyle. This is why you see so many golden retrievers in shelters, not because they are bad dogs, but because they are a rambunctious hard to train hunting dog with enough energy to run all day long, and don’t adapt well to a sedentary house life until they are old and feeble. And so many people discount dogs that would be perfect for them personality wise, because they don’t like their looks. I admit, there are dogs that I don’t like the looks of, but mostly I consider their other attributes when choosing if a breed will make a suitable pet for me. The poodle is one that is good for many people because they don’t shed and have very little dander if groomed regularly.

And to the person who said that poodles were bred in the roman era to fight lions in the colloseum: happy for your enthuseum, but poodles bred to be duck/waterfowl dogs.
For those of you who despise the ’stupid cut’ that people give to poodles, the cut has apparently being given to water dogs for over 2000 years, as evidenced by the dog on by this ancient coin: http://www.poodlehistory.org/PZZGPV1.HTM
And I have even heard one person say they dislike poodles because they have a stupid name. Well, it’s from the old low german word which means ‘to spash in water’ since they were a water fowl dog.

And for people who say that anyone doing some crazy cut or color on a dog is saying ‘look at me’ and screaming for attention, creative grooming is just another art form, and not any different to someone who wants to wear their hair in a blue mohawk or something. Doesn’t mean they are attention starved weirdos, more likely they are confident people who don’t feel the need to conform in order to gain acceptance, and just like to express themselves a little differently.

As for people who think poodles are snooty and snobbish, well, maybe some of their owners are, but that standoffish aloofness is just the normal behavior of a very well behaved dog who’s more concerned with doing what it’s owner wants (like walk on a leash) than with chasing some squirrel or sticking it’s nose in a stranger’s butt.

Actually, the fact that they are often circus dogs is a testament to their trainability and intelligence.

And to the guy who said he taught his poodle 43 commands, kudos to you! How awesome that your dog understands English as well as many toddlers!

Poodles have been satirized in art and entertainment as being owned by very rich old ladies who allow them to be spoiled and treat their dogs better than they treat most people. Well, you are blaming the dogs for this and believing the stereotype?

Lots of guys like poodles, usually the more well informed they are, the more they like them, since poodles (especially standards) are a very capable, athletic, hardy and sporty breed.

But seriously, you should stop judging a book by it’s cover. Or a dog by it’s haircut.

10/13/10 @ 17:48
Comment from: Savannah [Visitor]

Well, I personally like poodles. they may look foofoo, but they are highly intelligent, active, and playful. I just don’t like how they cut their hair. Like u said it makes the poodle look ugly.

10/14/10 @ 18:28
Comment from: roddney3664 [Visitor]

i agree with cathleen ur cruel y not try and lov a dog not all r bad i bet u dont even had a poodle wen did u ever do ur research

11/30/10 @ 20:54
Comment from: GAlcidesS [Visitor]

I guess it is not the poodle’s fault, just their owner’s.

I have one, according to the woman who cut its hair, some areas are specially treated (toes, upper nose, lower mouth) because bacteria or fungi can grow there and it means health problems for the dog.

However, mine looks normal but images you posted are hilariuos and scary, I wonder how their owners look like…


01/05/11 @ 13:31
Comment from: AMcD [Visitor]

I love the post AND I love my standard poodle!! You are both so honest and witty……. you both make me laugh!!!

01/07/11 @ 19:44
Comment from: Allergic [Visitor]

Some people are allergic to almost all animals. I am one of those people. No horse rides, no cats, no birds, no dogs EXCEPT poodles. I agree that some cuts are way too out there, but not all people do such things to their PET. Those are for SHOW dogs, some of us just get the dog clipped so their hair doesn’t get matted.

To each his/her own.

02/15/11 @ 18:55
Comment from: angel [Visitor]

How can you say all that when you never met my poodle. Bella is super smart, sweet, and CUTE. I don’t have her groomed regularly, so most of the time she looks like an adorable teddy bear covered in spiral curls. I do have to have her groomed when her fur gets too long, and the groomer always complains that she has mats, but that’s the way I like her.

08/12/11 @ 19:58
Comment from: anonymous [Visitor]

I would just like to include that you wouldn’t even know that a poodle was a poodle if it was walking down the street without the hair cut. And Kristen, most poodles aren’t small enough for hand bags so that just blows your entire rant out the window. Paris owns a Chihuahua. (Which is much smaller than most poodles- Somebody doesn’t know very much :D) and on another one of your stupid notes, my family has owned big dogs going back since my grand parents were young (we only recently lost our Dane) but our poodle is my dad’s, my boyfriend’s, my sister’s boyfriend’s and all male cousin’s and male friend’s most lovable companion. If a guy is running away from you I can promise you that they are only blaming your dog as a cover up.
Have a lovely day :D

09/19/11 @ 03:34
Comment from: anonymous [Visitor]

oh and by the way kristen, people use jackets on poodles because they have hair, not fur and as much as they used to be used for swimming in cold water their owners care about them enough to worry that they are still cold in the freezing weather. I’m guessing it would be like you needing to wear a jacket in winter.

09/19/11 @ 04:04
Comment from: Wanda [Visitor]

I have a poodle and absolutely love him to death. He is MY baby boy. I have my poodle groomed every 6-8 weeks…reason I do this is for hygeine. He gets weekly baths also…want to know WHY..because I want my baby to be clean (sometimes he pee pees on his foot cause he is so busy being nosey looking around while doing his business).

10/01/11 @ 17:53
Comment from: Victoria [Visitor]  

Lmao!! Your such an idiot!! And I think alot of ppl would agree! It’s ppl like you that should shut the f••k up and stop talking shit on the Internet and get a life. Your stupid and I hope you get hit by a really big bus.

10/03/11 @ 01:03
Comment from: Miss Cupcake [Visitor]
Miss Cupcake

You people are ridiculous.

Seriously, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion and if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

Victoria, you ARE stupid because you cannot even spell “you are” or people for that matter. Also, A LOT is two words. It is people like you, those who lack basic English skills, who need to “get a life", learn to write better than a fifth grader, or “get hit by a really big bus.”

Reading these comments makes me sad for the world as so many people cannot even write coherent retorts….

10/11/11 @ 15:06
Comment from: Evelyn [Visitor]  

My former dog was a poodle and he lived to be about 14 and i loved him, he was not mean at all. My current dog is a poodle and i love her as well and she is not mean. I think everyone is intitled to their opionion and intitled to get and love the dog that they want to love. I am clearly a poodle lover, i cant deny that, but I agree with Ms. Cupcake if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all.

10/20/11 @ 13:22
Comment from: Evelyn [Visitor]

I have had two poodles one lived to be 14 years and the other is sitting right here with me. Clearly i am a poodle lover, and since i have experience with poodles lemme tell you they are not mean very lovable and cute. For my baby i keep her hair cut very short, so how they wear their hair depends on how you want it. If you want it all frou-frou then so be it your pet your decision. I do not think i take the things these non-poodle lovers said seriously. They are only opionions and everybody is entitled to have one whether you agree with it or not. But i will say that i love my poodle breed and i intend to get more in the future, and if i come across somebody that says they do not like poodles and they are ugly i will inform them that they are not ugly they are cute smart and very lovable and frankly her opionion does not mean much to me, because i will NOT change my mind about poodles and trust and believe i will keep it moving. Lastly if you read someones post and whether you agree or disagree if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all.

10/20/11 @ 13:46
Comment from: cat lady [Visitor]
cat lady

bullshit man, complete and utter bullshit. poodles are really friendly, you are a wanker, and how would you like it if someone wrote all over the internet about how ugly and uncute they thought you were?
poodles are the sencond smartest dog in the world and they are way better than some of the other breeds. and so what if their hair looks a bit l=silly? my friend has curly hair, but i don’t bitch about her!

so turn your computer off you ignorant little shit.

03/16/12 @ 17:14
Comment from: cheryl [Visitor]

I think poodles are stupid dogs too, I worked with a girl who had 5 of them, they were ok on the grooming table, and they are not agressive, but they are not intellegent. they chew many things, wreck many things, of all the dogs I have seen, and I even have a dog of my own, poodles are to me the worst dogs ever, and the cuts are old school, a past tense thing from the 80’s. I agree they are ugly, cut them down and they look like their legs are too small to hold their bodies, and their heads have a big knotty bone on the top, their noses are too long, too each their own, but I agree they are ugly.

07/15/12 @ 22:29
Comment from: Terri [Visitor]

I would have NEVER considered having a poodle as a pet. I have owned dogs my whole life, that has spanned over many decades.
My close friend past away 16 months ago and I took his 6 year old poodle. This dog is the most amazing dog I have ever owned, he is unbelievably smart.
How can you comment on something you obviously know nothing about. That’s one stupid person, at least the poodle has more brains than that….

04/20/13 @ 01:43
Comment from: Trisha [Visitor]  

I actually think the complete opposite of what you posted. I happen to think Standard Poodles are one of the most beautiful breeds among dogs. They are so majestic and have a nice posture.. They were bred as waterretrievers .. (hence de name poodle : german pudle for puddle) I think they are similar to Azawakhs and Sloughi’s … I’m actually considering to buy one when I move out.. They are very smart creatures!

05/10/13 @ 14:02
Comment from: Reicha [Visitor]  

Hi , look ill start off by saying I laughed at your post and then laughed at the comments hurling abuse at you , because you are my past and they are my now .
I didn’t like poodles as any interaction with them was not enjoyable snappy and nasty little creatures I thought. Probably due to a elderly neighbour s poodle names peppy a grey poodle when I was a teen, but one day my daughter brought home a poodle pup , they are so smart it’s not funny , we had a dog and I can’t believe how dumb other breeds are in comparison , Eli my now best friend is a protective companion and generally if I don’t like someone he picks it up and will growl ( bit of a telltale ) this dog is a cross between a cat and human! The only dog I’ve come across with a sense of humour ( poodle owners are nodding ) for you I would suggest a husky also a smart dog but stand of fish won’t care if you don’t but very loyal and will give you the love you obviously need ! Have a great life!
Ps poodles hair is like human so if you didn’t wash or cut your hair you would end up with dreads and sores on your scalp. Same goes for them ! My poodle laughed at your post too, but never wants that square cut lol

06/02/13 @ 23:00
Comment from: Bec [Visitor]

Amen to that, honestly poodles are the ugliest dogs I’ve ever seen. Not only look wise, but also personality wise too. I’ve been bitten more by those horrendous beasts than by pitbulls or even doberman dogs.

And I get even more pissed thanks to this preppy neighbor I’ve got, she has two of those demons ( frequently dyed in gross neon colors, eugh!!) and they always try to attack my German Sheperd mix. He’s adopted, has been abused and abandoned BUT somehow manages to have better behaviour than them??

You want a good dog? Don’t get one of these, you’ll regret it all your damn life. Adopt a mixed breed, all those I’ve met are amazing dogs.

06/16/13 @ 19:45
Comment from: Janet Smith [Visitor]
Janet Smith

Poodles are second in intelligence only to Border Collies. They are beautiful, loyal, loveable dogs. Perhaps you just are not smart enough to be a poodle owner.

04/13/14 @ 20:08
Comment from: mary jones [Visitor]
mary jones

Lol.Poodel owner.Your just a hater.Or someone that can only enjoy art or pleasant things on the little magic box called T.V. Maybe to you in real life its not appropriate.Poodels have ben bred by performers to perform for hundreds of years.The original circus dogs.Also the traditional clip was to protect the dogs joints and organs while they hunted in woods.And retrived game from water.You sound realy ignorant.And boring.

01/31/16 @ 20:43
Comment from: mary jones [Visitor]
mary jones

Poodels were originaly bred as hunting dogs.The poodel clips were to protect their joints and organs from water n cold while preventing the dog from getting caught on branches.Performers then trained the dogs to be entertainers.These dogs are quite clever.Part of hunting or should I say entertaining is the intelligence to be intertaining.I think except for the sheapard Mean dogs may actually be the ones that are bimbos just like humans.

01/31/16 @ 20:53
Comment from: Dean [Visitor]

Agree with op here. I have done my research and everyone has an opinion. I would rather a dog that is obedient and more of a dog than a Muppet that can do tricks. Silly dogs awefull looking. Only good for sesame street.

09/21/17 @ 04:58
Comment from: joy m la crosse [Visitor]
joy m la crosse

I am a rottie/swissie/ labbie lover I think poodles temperamental and unattractive they are nerds
in the dog world bad with kids while the rottie is so cute faced and elegant so is the weinmareiner/pointer/ I am not a fan of toy non shedding ugly dogs or those ugle poodles being bred with all of the large breed working and sporting groups yes poodles are designed for nerdy unnattractive people who never had it going on

12/18/17 @ 16:33

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