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Comment from: Mook [Visitor]

Would the use of illicit drugs be a requirement for such a position?


Where do they find people for these vacancies?

I don’t know

Do I actually have to be a scientist?

No, but a lab coat should be required.

Would “single guy that lives alone” qualify?

He should.

I know the target market better than some scientist anyway, right?

Tell me you would have thought of the Crunch Wrap Supreme given enough time and you are hired. By the way, the man that though of the CWS should be given a raise. “I know lets put a bootleg mexican pizza in one of these burrito things.” This man was high, just left by his girlfriend, and wearing a lab coat. That or someone was late and unprepared to a meeting and just winged it.

07/28/05 @ 14:33

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