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Comment from: burgs [Visitor]

i’m surprised that so many people are just discovering that this is a reality…

i don’t remember how long ago it was, maybe 10 years ago? but there was a huge goings-on about a liger in southeastern michigan…i want to say it was near sterling heights? but i can’t remember.

anyway, schools shut down recess, people stayed indoors, it was this big to-do. am i the only person who remembers this?

i heard it mentioned the other day on a talk radio station in reference to napoleon dynamite…and people were calling in b/c they remembered the incident.

02/25/05 @ 14:10
Comment from: catherine [Visitor]

It was in warren, Michigan….spotted near my cousin’s house!

06/12/06 @ 17:04
Comment from: Madeline Duhaime [Visitor]
Madeline Duhaime

Yes I do remember and that night I was taking a walk around chicago road and when I got home it was on the news and I thought wow I could have been its late night snack
The liger was under a pine tree on chicago road and I forget what year ? Maybe 1997? I recorded the news and since then I can not find my vas with it wish I had it.

04/24/13 @ 13:32
Comment from: Lelynn (Berkau) Miller [Visitor]  
Lelynn (Berkau) Miller

i remember bein at a party wit sum friends back in the 90s & the guys whos house we were at said it past thru his backyard. that was in sterling heights near 14 & van dyke. (ps; captain morgan dont mix wit bacardi, btw)

01/17/16 @ 11:24

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