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Ruffino 2006 Orvieto Classico

August 11th, 2008

Typically the summer heat lures people into the light body and crisp flavors of white wines, though you can enjoy white wine all year. I do not drink much white wine. I normally find white wine to be too sour. I know they are typically described as too sweet for many palates, but it is the sourness like that of a green apple that I taste in many white wines. And that is the sourness I tasted in this wine specifically. This was my first Orvieto - coming on a recommendation from a friend - and I liked that it seems to be more dry than some other white wine varietals. I would consider Orvieto more on par with a Pinot Gris in that respect. I have had white wines that I liked more than this one, but I've certainly had worse. At around $10, this is a good value if you like green apple.