Category: "Syrah/Shiraz"

2007 Penner-Ash Oregon Syrah

September 20th, 2012

We had the 2009 on our trip to Willamette Valley earlier this year and it is, if you'll permit me to channel Jimmie "J. J." Walker, Dy-No-Mite! We have been asking around for it since we got back. Turns out that wine shop managers are familiar with it and love it, but never have it in stock; Penner-Ash just means Pinot Noir to too many people. I am not a fan of Penner-Ash Pinot, but the Syrah has my attention. And did I mention it is more affordable (than the Pinot)? We finally got our hands on the 2007, which is still good, but it might not be as good as the 2009. This bottle is a beautiful, inky purple and has well-structured, dark fruit. It's a little musty when you pop the cork, but it opens up wonderfully. This wine is good. Period.