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2005 Luna Vineyards Reserve Sangiovese

October 25th, 2011

Luna Vineyards had more of a wine-lounge feel to it than a more casual place for wine tasting, which may be what people talk about with the commercialization of Napa Valley compared to its humble roots. I remember less light in the main tasting room than the pictures on the website suggest, which gave it more of that posh, European lounge feel. But this place has good wine. (It was fascinating to watch as a wine producer from nearby brought over a case of its latest release to trade. How cool would it be to do that?!) I was not put off by the decor, but did feel a little intimidated by the staff who had little time for me as a relative wine novice.

I haven't had much exposure to sangiovese beyond a few Super Tuscans that position their tannins on the brute-force offensive. When I had this wine I knew a bottle was coming home with me. There's some heat here, but it burns for only a second and washes away clean. It has held up incredibly well while it waited for me to get nostalgic enough to crack it open. Now I'm just left wishing I'd bought more. Luna is currently in the 2007 release, which is listed for $40. I really like this wine. Maybe I'll try the 2007 or maybe I'll break this bad habit I have developed recently of ordering wine directly from these boutique wineries and shipping it across the country. Anyone want to split S&H with me?