Monday's Dilemma

December 6th, 2004

So here's the deal. I am always reading a book. Whether or not I have one open in front of me, I am engrossed in one. I have 11 pages to go in the book I am currently reading, which is nothing out of the ordinary. I generally stick to reading a book per 7-10 days or so (though slower recently). The best part about finishing a book is starting the next one.

My problem stems from this fact: A book I have been anticipating for some time now comes out tomorrow. I tried to time my current read to be finished tomorrow, but I will finish early.

I will need to busy myself with other things tonight, possibly not reading at all before bed. I read over breakfast every morning and can easily knock out those last 11 pages then before I have a chance to swing by the bookstore at lunchtime to pick up the book.

Do I finish it tonight?

Do I just start something else and then start the new book in a week?

Do I hold off until tomorrow?

Perhaps I will finish the book tonight and then spend my morning hours tomorrow typing the review for your reference...I think that one will win.

Stay tuned for reviews of both books.

December 5th, 2004

Your nature is both dramatic and romantic.

New England Patriots

December 3rd, 2004

It has been called into question why I leave the New England Patriots out of my week end comments. I want to set the record straight that the only reason they are excluded is because they are boring.

I wrote that they beat the record for wins, I wrote that they were beaten by the Pittsburgh Giant-killers. I feel as though I mentioned that they have a potent passing offense that holds threat of the "big play" more than any other offense in the league.

I leave them out the rest of the time because they are not flashy. They don't do any fun end-zone dances. Their games do not get exciting in the last few minutes. They are not a part of games with 13 touchdowns scored. They are quiet. They go out and win. I do give them that, but they do it with no style. I refuse to say they look good doin' it.

This may seem like an endorsement for the team in disguise, but understand it is not. Many people look at the characteristics listed above in a positive fashion. Many say that they are signs of winners, of championship ball clubs. So what.

I am a Detroit Lions fan through and through. I need flashy. My team will not make the playoffs this season. Please put teams together who will be fun to watch. The New England Patriots...are...BORING.

The Privatjokr Book Club

December 3rd, 2004

The Privatjokr Book Club, or the PJBC.

The question has been raised of how to obtain membership in this, the most exclusive of all clubs. I am prepared to follow suit, though you may not like the answer. The task is an arduous one, only those serious about their book of the month need read on.

There are two methods by which one may gain entry into the Privatjokr Book Club. You are welcome to take any notes necessary...

1) There is a nomadic peoples who during our winter months may be found in the northeast sector of Cambodia. The people worship a stone relic that is always in the possession of their chief. What you must do is not only follow the tribe, but live among them do what it takes to gain the trust of the people. When you feel the time is right you must request to borrow the relic. Tell them you want to show it to your grandmother, perhaps you need to take it to be buffed and/or polished. The motive is inconsequential, the goal is key. The chief needs to see the absence of fear behind your eyes or the mission is compromised. Bring me the relic. Then we will decide by committee the fate of your membership.

2) When I post a book as "Book of the Month" I include the summary from the book or release from the publisher. Read what is posted as you would if you picked up the book from a shelf in the store/library. If That selected sounds appealing to you, read it. If not, hopefully I'll do better next month.

For discussion purposes you can either comment to the blog post here on the homepage or register for the Forum to post there. (Note: you do not need to be registered at this time to *read* the book of the month forum topic.) Discussion of any and all books is in no way required. Though if you feel you have something to say, discussion is encouraged.

Readers of the forum have indicated they would like the coming month's "Book of the Month" (BotM) to be announced on or near the 20th day of the current month. Argument was made that this gives sufficient time to acquire the book prior to the month for which it has been selected.

Books are selected from a variety of authors from a variety of genres in hopes of reaching a larger population. They are not always current best sellers, they are not always current "new releases". The books picked should be available at your local library, though I provide a link to each in case you choose to buy from Some of the books chosen I have already read, though not all. In either situation, in no way do I guarantee you'll enjoy the book, but I do hope we all will.

*All policies regarding the PJBC are subject to criticism. We try to keep things democratic and take issues to a vote.

December 2nd, 2004

Your dearest wish will come true.

NFL Week 12.

December 2nd, 2004

There was more action in week 12, which is nice to see. I will admit, however, that my attention on football this past Sunday was lessened after the "Thursday Incident."

I think it is safe to say that I jinxed the Lions. It was my "Any Given Thursday" post that was intended to motivate the team, not demoralize them. It will be nice to be in the record books with Peyton Manning as one of the teams to help pad his stats...

Imagine eight weeks ago. You look at the upcoming schedule and you see Buffalo at Seattle. How many points do you favor Seattle by? 408?
Bills 38 - Seahawks 9.

Monday night Mark Bulger went 35-53 for 447 yards with 2 touchdowns. Brett Favre (in his record 200th consecutive start) was 18-27 for 215 and 3tds. Those numbers do not portray a 45-17 shellacking that the Rams took at the hand of the Packers. I do not like the Packers, but I do have a tremendous amount of respect for how Favre leads his team.

It was nice of Denver to play host to the Snow Bowl on Sunday as conditions were a little...precipitous. As the Broncos have rolled through this season, they hit a road block in the form of visiting Oakland Raiders. If anyone saw the catch Jerry Porter made over his outside shoulder at the end of the first half then you can share in my desire to see that in a highlight reel.

Congrats to those Dolphins down in Miami for winning their second game against a San Francisco team that could not have tried harder to lose. 4 fumbles? Did Tim Rattay start Miami's defense in his fantasy league this week?

In week 12 the real winners were the fans. I forget now which player it was, but I would like to thank whoever it was for celebrating his touchdown by parking it like it was hot.

I guess I can close with a comment on Cleveland v. Cincinnati. Not a big game. Not much happened aside from the 13 touchdowns and five field goals. Cleveland scored 48 points and gained 462 yards, and lost. I don't even know where to start...

I would also like to thank Jeremy Shockey for making himself look like an idiot again by catching 2 passes for 31 yards. His 26 yard catch was followed by a flapping of his arms as if he was Terrell Owens. Jeremy, don't taunt the team that is kicking your [expletive deleted]!

And can I say how perturbed I am for not being able to find a shot of Shockey mid-flap?!?!

The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands - Stephen King

November 29th, 2004

The Waste Lands - Stephen KingRoland, the last gunslinger, moves ever closer to the Dark Tower of his dreams and nightmares as he travels through city and country in Mid-World--a macabre world that is a twisted image of our own. With him are those he has drawn to this world: street-smart Eddie and courageous, wheelchair-bound Susannah.

Ahead of him are mind-bending revelations about who and what is driving him. Against him is arrayed a swelling legion of foes--both more and less then human...

Mr. King, you have my attention, sir.

What a great series. Understand that this is less horror and more fantasy, so do not shy away from it because of what made the author famous. I have now read the first three books and they get better and better.

Roland has sparked curiousity in his travel companions about the Dark Tower. This curiousity keeps them trudging along the path at his side. The same curiousity keeps me reading. I'm hooked.

Read this series, for your father's sake!

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The Gunslinger $7.19
The Drawing of the Three $7.19
The Waste Lands $7.19
Wizard and Glass $7.19
Wolves of the Calla $23.10
Song of Susannah $19.80
The Dark Tower $21.00

The Silpat

November 28th, 2004


SilpatSilpat nonstick baking sheets are made of woven glass coated with food-standard silicone. Used daily by professionals, the sheets offer multipurpose uses for preparing, cooking, and heating up food. They're also easy to clean--simply wipe them off using hot water and dish soap. Store them by either rolling them up or keeping them flat. Do not cut Silpat baking sheets with metal, but with DeMarle's Exoglass cutters or knives. Silpat baking sheets replace parchment paper, and are heat-resistant up to 480 degrees F. The Silpat makes any baking sheet nonstick--no greasing necessary.

For those of you who ever do any baking, allow me to direct your attention to the Silpat. Silpats are great for baking cookies, though I have seen them used for making candy and peanut brittle as well.

I am no authority on baking, far from it, but these things really make things easy.

Silpat $14.85

Finding Neverland

November 27th, 2004

Johnny Depp is at it once again, this time as playwright Sir James Matthew Barrie. Finding Neverland is based upon actual events leading to the creation of Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie.

If you have any ounce of imagination, I implore you to see this movie. If you have ever had a relationship in your life that you have considered special, one that has touched you in anyway, I feel it is in your best interest to see Finding Neverland. To say that I was moved by this movie would certainly be an understatement. But do not take my word for it, your Neverland is not my Neverland. Find out for yourself.

The bond formed between Depp and the four boys he meets in this film is truly magical. He teaches four children who are forced to grow up through a series of unfortunate events in their life that it is ok to be a kid. His message is simple, yet profound: all one needs to do is believe. To students of life, both young and old, that is an attainable lesson.

Be young at heart, hold on to your dreams, find your Neverland.

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Any Given Thursday

November 25th, 2004

There is a special aura surrounding Thanksgiving Day football. Consider, for example, the nation's biggest college football rivalry: Michigan and Ohio State. No matter the personnel, no matter the records of wins and losses, no matter the location, this game will always be competitive. Either team always has a chance to win. It is magical. Follow me, if you will, to the NFL. There is one such situation that is as magical as stated above, and that is the Detroit Lions playing on Thanksgiving. Detroit could be in the midst of a 2-14 season, they could be on their way to 6-10, but you can never count them out on Turkey Day. This is how it is. This is tradition.

Today, this needs to be explained to Joey Harrington. He is yet to realize today is a special day. He will be gifted beyond his ability today and needs to capitalize. The Lions face the most high powered offense in the NFL today as they match up with the Indianapolis Colts.

For a win today, the Lions need to come to play. I hope Joey buys into the tradition and leaves last week and previous weeks behind him and walks into Ford Field today a man possessed. If only we could give you our confidence in this team for one game to let you understand.

Today is not about NFC vs. AFC. Today is not about Super Bowl favorites vs. a team vying for a good draft pick. Today is about sheer emotion. Today is about Thanksgiving and on Thanksgiving, the Lions come to play.